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NEW: Now everyone on Curtsy can shop Clear Out Lots 🛍

The wait is over! Everyone can now bid on “lots” of 3+ highly discounted items from the same seller.

Say Hello to Curtsy Clear Outs: The Ultimate Shopping Hack!

We’re thrilled to announce that everyone can now shop Curtsy Clear Outs! You can now shop bulk lots of 3+ clothing items at a discount, and pay only one shipping price. That’s right, it’s your time to score big on fashion deals and upgrade your thrifting game with ease!

Compared with normal, single item listings that are available on the app until they sell, Clear Outs sell via auction over 7 days. Once the auction ends, the seller will ship the entire Clear Out in one shipment to the buyer with the winning bid.

How does bidding work?

To get started, simply tap ‘Place Bid’ on the Clear Out you’re interested in. From there, you’ll be able to place a single bid or choose the Autobid option. With Autobid, you choose your maximum bid and we’ll bid for you in $1 increments up to your max to help you win the auction. 

Don’t want to wait until the end of the auction? Tap “Buy It Now” to name your price & send an offer to the seller. Sellers have 48 hours to respond to your binding offer. If they accept, you win the lot!

Not ready to bid, but want to stay updated on the hype? Tap “Add To Watchlist” to be notified of new bids and when the auction is an hour from ending.

Read more on how Bidding works

We know you’ll love the convenience and affordability that Curtsy Clear Out brings, and we’re excited for you to experience it.  If you’d like more info, check out our FAQ page or send us a message in the app.

We’re always listening to your feedback and working to create features that you’ll love. We’d love to hear from you on how we can continue to improve ([email protected]). Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Happy shopping!

💖 Team Curtsy

HQ News Selling with Curtsy

Now introducing Curtsy Clear Out: The Fastest Way to Sell 💸

Clear Out is a convenient way to sell more than 3 items quickly. You only make one listing for all your items that sell via auction to members of our Wholesale program.

For when you have little time, but a lot to sell

Selling clothes online should be simple. After months of research, we learned that the number one reason people don’t sell their clothes is because it takes too much time. Especially when they have a lot to sell. That’s why we’re launching Clear Out, a simpler way to sell.

While listing one item at a time is still the best way to maximize your earnings on each item, Clear Out is the best way to sell a lot of clothes, with a fraction of the work.

How Does Clear Out Work?

To get started just tap ‘sell’ at the bottom of your app and select the new Clear Out option.

Compared with normal, single item listings that are live on the app until they sell, Clear Out listings have 3 or more items and sell via auction over 7 days to members of our Wholesale Program. 

At the end of the week, you’ll ship out all your items in one bag to the highest bidder. We’ll even mail you the bag and the prepaid shipping label to use. It’s that simple. 

Read more on how Clear Out works

Here’s what our users are saying

We’re so excited to share this feature with you. If you’d like more info, watch our video or send us a message in the app. If you’re interested in learning more the Wholesale program, send us a message.

We know Clear Out may not be perfect from day one, so we’d love to hear from you on how we can continue to improve it ([email protected]).

We’re excited for your feedback!

Cheers 🥰

Team Curtsy 


Tips for Selling Clothes on Curtsy in 2023: Seller Spotlight Edition

The Curtsy community is nothing without our sellers. To ring in the new year, we’re shining a spotlight on sellers living their best life on Curtsy and how they sell clothes online.

We love creating a space for you to just do you – whether that’s raking in high earnings as a pro seller or refreshing your closet by selling gently used quality clothes. Read on to meet a few Curtsy Babes, how much they’ve earned, tips on selling on the app, and peek into their Curtsy closets!

  • Earnings: $400+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi there! I’m Madilyn Moore! I’m a content creator/influencer specializing in fashion! Because of this, I get a TON of high quality clothing, but i’m always making space for new items!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love using Curtsy because it’s easy to use and has all of my FAVORITE brands in one place! I also especially love their quality promise, so in the event that I get a piece that isn’t exactly what was described- I get my money back!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I’m always using Curtsy as a way to make room in my closet for more unique pieces! When I sell, I keep the profit of my sales in my curtsy balance to spend on more clothes!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to upload photos of you wearing the item- especially in a styled way! I upload my instagram photos when I’m selling items that I received from brands- and it helps people to see the item more clearly and picture them wearing it themselves!

See Madilyn’s closet >

  • Earnings: $20,000+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi! Here are my responses for the questions: Hi! I’m Erin, and 2023 marks my 10th year of being a reseller! I’ve been thrifting since I was a teenager, always looking for cool, unique pieces no one else had. I’ve always been passionate about extending the lifespan of clothing, and helping people find pieces they love while keeping them out of landfills brings me so much joy!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love how open and welcoming the Curtsy Community is! The Curtsy team truly cares about user experience, and allows us to voice our opinions on things like new features or improvements we’d like to see. No other app feels as approachable to me as Curtsy does.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    For the last 2 years I’ve been putting all my reselling earnings into a savings account to put a down payment on a house. Hoping to reach my goal this year!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    Use Google Lens to help you locate stock photos for your pieces. In my experience, items sell better with them, but sometimes they can be tricky to find. This tool has helped me find stock photos almost instantly for a ton of clothes!

See Erin’s closet >

  • Earnings: $1,250+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I am a 23 year old mom of a 1 1/2 year old, and future nurse practitioner!! I live in Pensacola Florida and love the beach!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love how open the company is to answer questions and involve their consumer in decisions and ideas they have! You don’t see that with  a lot of companies asking their consumers what THEY want to see! 💚
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I use my earnings for a bunch of different things ! This year I am really wanting to sell, sell, sell to help pay for my wedding in Nov 2023 ! I also use my earning to buy things for my little boy, and for nursing classes🤞🏼.
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to always be open to offers ! I sell a lot more when I am open to offers ! Also to communicate with whoever is interested . Like responding to the DMs and showing more photos if they ask!

See Seara’s closet >

  • Earnings: $2,700+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi! My name is Alexis Rocco. I’m 21 years old and I live in Upstate New York with my fiancé, Andrew and my corgi, Lucy. I began my account on Curtsy during my senior year of high school in 2020, and have been buying and selling on it ever since! I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education this upcoming May and will hopefully be teaching in my own classroom shortly after!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love that the members of the Curtsy community are so friendly and understanding! They are always willing to answer questions or provide additional information and on top of all of this, there are always new and trendy clothes being brought to the platform as a result of the community!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    Right now, I’m saving any earnings from Curtsy for my future classroom! I’ll likely need to provide most if not all of the books/materials and things for my classroom once I have a permanent teaching position, so any purchases from my closet will really help to make school more beneficial for my future students!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My best tip for new sellers is to keep the price in mind that they definitely want or need for a particular item when posting it and when responding to offers! I will price my items in a way that specifically allows me to be able to send/counter offers while still getting the price I was looking for when posting the item! For more experienced sellers, I would say to keep your inventory current and post new items frequently to keep your closet in the view of the community!

See Alexis’ closet >

  • Earnings: $1,800+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi!! My name is Chesley Paschal, and I am a student at Georgia Tech. I am currently getting my degree in Industrial Engineering. Some of my favorite things in life are traveling, fashion, school, coffee, and taking photos. Everyone who knows me knows that Curtsy is my absolute favorite place to shop. I am constantly selling clothes and buying new pieces to sustainably refresh my wardrobe. I downloaded Curtsy in 2019 and have made nearly $2000 selling my clothes.
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love how kind, responsive, and friendly the Curtsy community is. Everyone is always very communicative and open about the pieces they are selling and their shipping times. The Curtsy Community is the reason why Curtsy is my favorite place to buy and sell clothes.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I am constantly needing new outfits for date nights, formals, and themed events, so a decent amount of my earnings from Curtsy go directly back into finding new, fun pieces to add to my wardrobe. Every single formal dress I have worn so far has been from Curtsy, and the majority of my game day, date night, and everyday class outfits have consisted of pieces from Curtsy as well. If I am not using my earnings for new clothes, I will put them into my college savings account to help pay for textbooks, sorority dues, and other expenses!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip would be to take photos with good lighting, background, etc., and take multiple different photos of each piece. Also, including pictures of how you styled the piece/ how it fit helps them sell SO much faster. Lastly, being open to offers and communicating with buyers always makes my clothes sell faster.

See Chesley’s closet >

  • Earnings: $24,600+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi! My name is Madden. I am 20 years old and am a college student studying business and media studies at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. I started selling thrifted clothing my junior year of high school the summer after covid-19 hit. I had way too many clothes and needed a way to cure myself of boredom, so I went on Pinterest and decided to tie dye a bunch of my clothing to spice them up. After I had a few too many pieces of tie dyed clothing, my aunt suggested I sell some pieces. At first I sold on my Snapchat story but I wanted to create an actual platform to make it easier to grow my business. I found Curtsy and absolutely fell in love. Because of Curtsy, I decided to switch from being a nursing student freshman year to business my sophomore year so I continue selling thrifted items and spreading the goodness of second hand shopping! I couldn’t thank the support of the Curtsy community enough for allowing me to continue my passion. I now sell anything from activewear, professional team gear, your favorite lounge pieces, to unique vintage finds!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    Curtsy is the easiest app to sell your own items on. It takes less than a minute to take photos of your desired clothing item and to post it. Curtsy is continuously adding new and desirable features to make it even more accessible for sellers and buyers. I’ve tried almost every second hand shopping app, but I prefer Curtsy over them all. Not only are you able to follow your favorite sellers and see what the top 100 most popular selling items are, you can watch popular try-on videos to get a true feel of the item you’re interested in unlike any other second hand shopping app. The Curtsy team is so quick to help with any questions you may have and they ALWAYS have a solution. The curtsy community is unlike any other.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I’m so fortunate to be able to use Curtsy to help put money away toward college. I’ve always been a busy bee but keeping up with two part time jobs along with classes was difficult. Curtsy has allowed me to still be able to focus on my family, friends, and working toward my goals.
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to be active and responsive to questions and always offer free shipping! I have made close to $25k alone since starting Curtsy in 2019 by selling 1.5k items! I love interacting with my customers and being able to make sure they know exactly what I’m selling. I love sending out my items knowing the buyers are going to absolutely love the pieces they have specially picked out! Treat yourself, ladies!

See Madden’s closet >

  • Earnings: $3,700+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I go to college at Ole Miss and started using Curtsy over 4 years ago!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love how easy Curtsy is to navigate and the wide variety of options it provides to sell and buy!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I pay my own tuition and sorority dues in college and my earnings from Curtsy help me do just that!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    The more you post, the more you will sell! And be willing to negotiate prices with your buyers!💗

See Brooklyn’s closet >

  • Earnings: $4,400+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi! My name is Maria and I’m from Raleigh, NC! I’m a huge shopaholic so my closet is constantly overflowing with clothes! When I’m not posting those clothes on Curtsy, you can find me hanging out with friends or with my dog at the dog park bar!  
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    What I love most about the Curtsy community is the team behind it all. I sell on various different apps and none have come close to you guys. I love how y’all are always engaging with us and actually listen when we have suggestions. It definitely makes me feel like you guys care about us and improving the overall user experience. 
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I mostly put my Curtsy earnings towards travel!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    The best tip I can give is to take good pictures of your items (great lighting & plain background) and have a detailed description with measurements included. It can be tough shopping online for clothes so I find it super helpful to have as much information as possible in the post.

See Maria’s closet >

  • Earnings: $6,400+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi ❤️ I’m Shaily Patterson 🥰 I grew up in a small town in Iowa and now I live in Austin, Texas. I adore shopping and having the opportunity to share my passion for fashion with others 😊
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    Curtsy provides a safe platform to buy and sell new, or gently worn items. When I have questions or concerns, Curtsy’s customer service is always there to assist me. Plus, the app is super easy to use!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I love to travel ✈️ and by selling on Curtsy, I am able to set aside money for my next big trip!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to be yourself and let it show through your profile! Presentation is key 🔑

See Shaily’s closet >

  • Earnings: $3,200+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hiiii! I am a clothesaholic and am never not looking for cute things to add to my wardrobe! I am constantly posting new items and have tons of clothes that are in amazing condition and deserve to be loved by others!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love Curtsy because it allows me to sell and purchase clothes in the best way possible by helping promote sustainability!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I save up my Curtsy earnings to help pay for college expenses!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to stay active on the app and communicate with potential buyers in a timely manner. When communicating well with buyers they are more likely to purchase from you again in the future! 💕

See Victoria’s closet >

  • Earnings: $4,600+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi everyone! My name Elly Tyberg. I am 20 years old and currently attend Bethel University in Minnesota! In my free time I love to travel (I am on a month trip to Europe right now!) I also love to thrift most of my clothing which is part of the reason I love Curtsy so much! I also started to sell on Curtsy two years ago and have made $4000+!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love the relationship Curtsy has with its sellers! They are always looking for ways to integrate customer opinions and ideas!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I am saving up for more travel! My next travel goal is Norway and Sweden!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My biggest tip is to always be responsive when selling on Curtsy. When a buyer asks you a question make sure to answer as quickly as possible!

See Elly’s closet >

  • Earnings: $6,900+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hey, my name is Sasha and I am a college student studying to become a Special Education teacher! I love clothes and need a new outfit for every event but want to be more conscious of the environment + my personal spending. Thus, Curtsy has become one of my most used apps because I can get good deals on clothes and keep them out of landfills!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
     I love how many creative, interesting, and fun people there are to connect with. When buying or selling clothes I have never had a negative interaction with other members! Even the people behind Curtsy: customer service & the creators are super sweet and amazing to chat with.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    As a college student I use Curtsy to buy & sell a majority of my wardrobe. When I sell clothes I use the earnings to get new ones. When I am not buying new clothes I try to save as much of my earnings as possible to plan for future trips & adventures like my trip to Cancun coming up this spring break!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip would be to include model pictures from the website, pictures of the item & pictures of the item on yourself. This allows buyers to see the clothing piece in multiple different ways!

See Sasha’s closet >

  • Earnings: $9,000+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    My name is Delaney Santoro and I’m from PA, I go to West Chester University and I am a junior marketing major graduating early this year!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
     I love how inclusive and easy to use Curtsy is. Every seller or buyer I have interacted with has been so sweet and helpful, very communicative and ships all items with care! Curtsy is such a fun way to update your closet while also doing your part in being sustainable for the planet.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I started my account during the Covid lockdown in 2020 and have made almost $10k since then! I have been using my earnings to help with rent, textbooks, gas, and fun girls trips!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to provide as many pics, videos, and measurements of each item and include detailed descriptions. This ensures that the person who buys your item knows all of the information before hand, and leaves a great review!

See Delaney’s closet >

  • Earnings: $1,400+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I am 25 years old and have been reselling for 3+ years now. I started reselling as a way to sell some extra clothing but then it turned into a full reselling business 💗 I live in MN and have a 5 year old cat that is my whole world!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
     I love that Curtsy is such a fun place to shop and find fashion inspo! There are always new trends and you can find name brands for a great deal!!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I use my Curtsy earnings to help fund my coffee runs, pay my cell phone bill, & put gas in my car!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to take really great photos – buyers love a crisp, clear, clean and bright photo. A great photo can help your item sell faster if people know exactly what they’re getting and can see the details. ☺️

See Macy’s closet >

  • Earnings: $9,100+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    My name is Ashley, and I graduated college in May and now live in Atlanta! I have a 2 year old husky so I love doing anything outdoors with her.
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love everything about the Curtsy community, but mostly the fact that everybody on the app is eager to sell and answer any questions you have, and provide more photos if needed.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I shop on curtsy to save money for trips and just to have extra money for spontaneous things! I love traveling so the money goes towards that, but I also use my curtsy fund towards buying new clothes! Sell a few things, buy something new! It’s helped me save so much money when I buy new clothes on Curtsy.
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to accept offers! Especially if it’s something that you’ve had listed for awhile, don’t wear, and it’s just taking up space!

See Ashley’s closet >

  • Earnings: $2,800+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    Hi! I’m Madyson. I’m from Dallas, Texas. I love fashion, thrifting, spending time with friends and family! I coach school and club volleyball & it’s a passion of mine.
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
     I love how sweet and helpful the Curtsy community is!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I’m getting married this summer 🤍🥰 so saving up for that through Curtsy has helped me tremendously!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip would be to see what is trending or on sale! I price drop those items and seem to sell mine a lot sooner!!

See Mady’s closet >

  • Earnings: $14,000+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I’m 19 and a college student majoring in biology- hopefully going into the veterinary field. I started reselling when I was 11 so i clearly really enjoy shopping 😂
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I like Curtsy because I feel like there’s a community of people who like the same styles I do.
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My best tip for selling would be that the pictures are probably the most important aspect. I use a plain background with good lighting to ensure that the focus is on the item and the colors are as accurate as possible!

See Suzy’s closet >

  • Earnings: $1,600+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I’m in Raleigh, NC and have been selling on Curtsy since undergrad (I’m in grad school and work full time now). In my free time I love to play sand volleyball and watercolor!
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love the environmental impact of the Curtsy Community. Back in college, I was always looking for ways to cycle out my wardrobe through giving a new life to all of my clothes that I outgrew, and Curtsy was the perfect place!
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I’m currently using my Curtsy Earnings to help pay for grad school!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to make the item listings fun and relatable by adding a little bit of your own personality to your posts!

See Rachel’s closet >

  • Earnings: $2,100+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    I’ve always loved a good bargain so thrifting is right up my alley. I enjoy finding a new home for my gently used items because it helps me declutter, make money, and it’s good for the environment! 
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    I love Curtsy because of the customer service. Every time I needed help, I always got a response within a few hours. Even though Curtsy is on the smaller side, I love how you guys take the time to engage with us on social media.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I’m saving up for a vacation with my family to Europe!
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to take good quality photos! And lots of them! Buyers are more likely to buy from you when you make a good impression.

See Tinnie’s closet >

  • Earnings: $450+
  • Tell us a little about yourself!
    My name is Angie & I am from Tampa, FL. I am a recent college graduate and I work in the medical field. I absolutely love thrifting! I love that reselling thrifted clothing gives those items a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th life.
  • What do you love about the Curtsy Community?
    Something I love about the Curtsy community is how nice everyone is. I have found that every single person I have interacted with whether they’re a customer or a seller, is just so kind. I also love that the app is so user friendly so I can find exactly what I am looking to purchase and can set my shop up exactly how I want.
  • Is there anything in particular you are using/saving up your Curtsy Earnings for?
    I am using my Curtsy earnings to pay my rent currently.
  • What is your top seller tip?
    My top seller tip is to be open to offers. Taking a little less than you’re wanting is better than it sitting for months and never selling.

See Angie’s closet >

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#GreenQueen INSPO Wellness

5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Sustainable 2023

We’ve all been caught in the cycle of forgetting about New Year’s resolutions soon after making them. This year, we’re creating goals based on sustainable values that are much more exciting (and rewarding) to keep up with 💚. Planet-friendly New Year’s resolutions can help you flex your creativity, gain knowledge, and help reduce emissions and clothing waste. Kick off the New Year with a closet clear-out, and use the sustainable resolutions below as a starting point to extend the life cycle of your closet.

Hold a Clothing Swap with your Community 👯‍♀️

Clothing swaps are the perfect opportunity to connect with your community and add some cute new pieces to your wardrobe. Swaps can range from a small group of friends having a home-cooked meal together and trading clothes from their closets, to a large event that helps out those in need of warm clothes for the winter. You can even make a pact with your fam to bring extra clothes to family parties to trade (or hand down to younger ones). No matter the size or intention of your swap, have some fun with it – flex your design skills by creating an event flyer for social media, create a playlist, and set up some food and drinks ♥️.

Clear out your Closet to Sell Second-Hand 👗

The best part of selling second-hand is knowing for sure that a piece you no longer want is going into the hands of someone who wants or needs it – and can easily pass it on in the future. One of the best ways to resell consistently is by doing recurring closet cleanouts. This gives you the chance to slow down and decide which items you’d like to let go of or add to your wardrobe (plus it keeps your space less cluttered✨). As a seller, you can try challenging yourself to use sustainable shipping practices, like reusing packaging you already have or adding thank you notes for buyers on recycled paper ♻️.

Mend your Clothes 🪡

The longer you have a piece of clothing, the more wear and tear it may get, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to toss or donate it! There are so many ways to mend your clothes, from getting them fixed at a tailor to learning how to sew so you can fix holes and tears yourself! To avoid having to do too much damage control, take a little extra time to give your clothes some TLC from the time you first get them. One of the easiest ways to start doing this is to learn how to read clothing care labels (because who can really tell what those random shapes and symbols actually mean?) Once your clothing can’t take any more washes, consider upcycling it into something like a purse or reusing the fabric for cleaning (or even a fabric art project ).

Upcycle your Old Threads 🎨

Upcycling – which is basically giving unused materials new life/value –  is the perfect way to let your creativity shine. One quick scroll through upcycling TikTok will start you off with tons of inspiration, and you’ll never look at the old fabrics, charms, and unworn clothes you have laying around the house the same! A lot of upcycled items with parts from brands like LV and Chanel can be found on Curtsy, but you don’t have to have a luxury element in the upcycled pieces you create. By upcycling, you can keep finished products from ending up as waste, and add your own twist for a whole new design 🪡💛.

Try out Sustainable Brands ♻️

To help keep your sustainable habits going past New Years, keep yourself up to date on sustainability in the fashion world. On top of doing your own research, it also helps to read articles and purchase clothing (secondhand is even better, of course) from sustainable brands like Patagonia and Levis. The people behind these brands are dedicating endless hours towards being industry leaders in sustainability. On their websites, some brands like Patagonia have environmental activism sections about their values, opportunities to get involved in environmental groups, and inspirational stories from activists around the world 🌎.

From the closet of a friend, to a unique upcycled accessory, to the Curtsy feed, there’s always more life to give to your clothes ✨

Curtsy Comeback Trending

Comeback Queens: UGG Boots

Once the Classic UGG Boot was introduced to the world, it stuck in the minds of all different kinds of people as an iconic, blanket-by-the-fire warm shoe. Originating in 1978, UGG evolved from surf-wear to luxe-casual wear worn by everyone from y2k reality stars to your middle school best friend. Most recently, they’ve collaborated with visionary artists and designers to bring their brand to the next level. Learn more below about UGG’s rebrand and how to style UGG boots, slippers, and handbags to complete your winter outfits. 🤍

UGG’s History

Before becoming a major staple across high fashion and everyday wear, UGGs were the best kept secret across surf culture in Cali. In 1978, the brand originated with the vision of Brian Smith, a surfer who moved from Australia to SoCal¹. They were created as warm shoes to put on right after surfing in cold waters, but the practice of creating boots from sheepskin dates all the way back to rural 1920s Australia². It’s no wonder that after all these years, comfort is still key for UGG.

UGG in the 2000s

UGG evolved from strictly surf-wear to a pop culture force when celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss, and Beyonce started casually wearing them². For Millennials especially, UGGs were all the rage, so much so that I remember having an 8th  grade teacher who had a collection of 60 different pairs! Not only were there endless styles and colors, but the materials that UGG uses to craft their items are unmatched in quality.

UGG’s Rebrand

From the early 2000s on, UGG carved out a spot in fashion history, but the brand hit a wall as their classic shoes were basically everywhere. Since 2018, UGG has pushed beyond their limits with tons of artsy collaborations. In 2020, designer Telfar Clemens teamed up with UGG to create FEEL YOU, a collaboration with over 30 creatives who combined the two brands’ unisex, everyday luxury values. Items from the collection, like the UGG X Telfar Small Reverse Shopper, can now be found on Curtsy!

Style the Staples

Whether you’re the queen of minimalism or like to experiment with colors and layers, you can always fit UGGs into the mix. Trending UGG styles like platform boots, ultra-minis, and slippers are so versatile. See how to style them below!

Maxis & Minis

Classic UGG boots are reliable and comfortable, but there’s always room for a twist. Experimenting with extreme lengths has been all the rage for clothes and shoes this year. Maxi length pieces are perfect to balance out the unique, unexpected look of UGG ultra minis or platforms, two of the trendiest styles out right now.  Whether you wear a cozy but structured maxi coat or a denim maxi skirt with a sporty top (like a half-zip hoodie), long and clean lines will draw attention to your ultra-short (or tall) shoes.

Light Wash Denim

Light wash denim is an absolute classic pairing with UGGs, and it can also give you the chance to play with bright colors more. Try pairing light wash denim jeans (or a skirt) with a simple white top and bright colored UGG slippers or boots (I love the pink ones 💖). You can also add a matching cardigan for more boldness (like Bella Hadid’s all-denim look with pink UGG slippers and a matching cardi 💅). The key to adding more texture and layers to this for winter is accessories (that you can thrift on Curtsy 💛)– from chunky scarves, to clean white socks, and pre-academia headbands.

Earth Toned Layers

Shades of brown and green are big this season, and UGG pieces in neutral colors – from boots to handbags – pair perfectly. Keep yourself warm this winter with layered fits in colors inspired by the calmness of nature. To make sure your layers don’t get overshadowed by each other, try mixing fabrics like corduroy, suede, sherpa, and denim. Adding in an off-white top or skirt can also create some contrast between similar earthy colors. Treat your UGG ‘fit like a canvas with the warmest colors you can think of 🌞

Whether you’re searching for your first pair of UGGS or have you worn them for years and want to switch up styles, Curtsy has a ton of options. Can’t wait to see the looks you create!


¹ “Who We Are.” UGG, Deckers Brands, Accessed 25 Nov

² UGG Express Shop. ​​“The Evolution of Uggs.” Ugg Express, 8 July 2019, Accessed 25 Nov 2022.

INSPO Selling with Curtsy

Closet Clean-Out Tips: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself💬 

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful! Like looking through old photos or meeting up with a past friend, a closet clean-out can be a chance to reflect on how you’ve changed and where you’re headed. By taking the time to ask yourself four simple questions, you can be one step closer to having a thrifted wardrobe that changes with your lifestyle ♻️.

1. How does this fit me?

Try to dig a little deeper beyond how the piece fits your body – when you wear it, do you feel comfortable and confident? Try on some clothes in the mirror, turn on your favorite music, and take note of how the color, texture, and movement of the piece makes you feel. If you’re sure you’d want to resell a piece on Curtsy, you can use this time to start creating content for Try-On videos! Create a yes, no, and maybe pile, and remember that they aren’t set in stone. Pieces can be moved around as you keep asking yourself these questions.

2. How does this fit my lifestyle?

What do you spend a majority of your time doing for work, me-time, and social time? If you work from home, you’ll need comfy yet professional basics. To make getting out of the house on weekends that much more exciting, you might want some extra glam dresses (Revolve dresses are my go-to 💛). If you’re on a sports team at school, maybe you could use some North Face pieces that keep you cozy on walks to class and activewear that fits just right.

3. Can I give this more life or am I ready to let go?

Sometimes you’ll come across pieces you’ve had for so long you can’t imagine letting them go, like a leather jacket that’s been with you through years of ups and downs. Think about the care the item requires and if you have the time/energy to fix any damage. If it’ll just be taking up space after many closet cleanouts, it could feel refreshing to resell that pre-loved item to someone new! Even better if the category or brand is trending on Curtsy and could sell super quickly 🤑!

4. How can I expand on styles outside of my comfort zone?

The best part about a closet clean-out is that it helps your closet evolve with you 🌱. Are there any pieces that stuck out to you that you’ve been nervous to wear, but want to try, like vintage sweaters? Or a piece you thought was your aesthetic but no longer feels right (that might even still have the tags on 🏷️)? Reselling is the perfect way to explore looks outside of your comfort zone while knowing you’re sustainably switching pieces in and out.

Ready to clear out the old and bring in the (like)-new? We can’t wait to see your listings!


Curtsy Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

Everyone’s most anticipated month has arrived. What’s up December? While many of us are excited for holiday season ahead, others may be stuck stressing over the perfect gift. Look no further, your Curtsy fam has got you covered with fun and unique gift ideas for the holidays ☃️. 

Let’s start out small, and STUFF those stockings 🧦

  1. Socks. You either love ’em or you hate ’em, but we all need them. So throw in a nice pair of fuzzy socks, or even this snazzy Patagonia pair 🧦. 
  2. A new book 📖. More specifically, a popular novel that has BookTok in a chokehold. The perfect gift for the family member who needs a social media detox or just loves a good read.
  3. Cloud Paint Blush. Glossier is the reigning champ in aesthetics and branding, so toss in any of their products for a home run gift any girl will cherish 💋. 
  4. A new daily planner 🗓. While some of us have switched to digital calendars over the years, the lucky few who still enjoy analog planners would surely LOVE one for the next year ahead. 
  5. Drunk Elephant Gift Set. Drunk Elephant is THE brand all skincare gurus would love to see in their stocking. Grab a small gift set & let them try something new in their routine 🧖‍♀️!

Gifts for the Luxe Lover…for the boujee babes in your life 💎

  1. Steve Madden Platform Boots 👢. A closet staple to some, and statement piece to others. Black boots are always in style and a fun gift for someone who loves to show off their shoe game. 
  2. Glossier Hoodie. A Glossier hoodie is the perfect gift with subtle branding and fun color options 💗. It’s comfy AND cute!
  3. Philosophy Perfume 🌸. Philosophy keeps their scents clean, sweet, and still subtle. These perfumes are affordable and still feel luxurious with their beautiful packaging. 
  4. BaubleBar Customizable Throw Blanket. Throw blankets are always a gift guide staple, but make them visually appealing AND customizable and you have a WINNER 🛋. 

Gifts for the Party Host! Bring the party with these fun gifts 🎉

  1. Karaoke Microphone 🎤. The perfect gift for any age group. A rechargeable and Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone makes for a fun times wherever the night may take you.
  2. Wordle, the Party Game. Wordle is THE trend taking over the internet this year. Now that they’ve made it into a board game 🧩…it’s the perfect gift for friends and family to enjoy together. 
  3. Sunset Lamp 🌅. Another viral goodie, the sunset lamp, makes for the perfect gift to set the mood for any event or party. 
  4. Fondue Set 🫕. Okay seriously, who DOESN’T like fondue?!? Whether it’s fondue for two or fondue for a few, this set is a guaranteed good time. 
  5. Colorful Wine Glasses 🍷. Any party host would LOVE a set of fun wine glasses to use at their next get together. Perfect for Instagram posts and a colorful “cheers!”

Gifts for the Sustainable Queen in your life… & please don’t forget the reusable bags ♻️

  1. Stasher Tupperware 🍱. These eco-friendly reusable ziploc bags are the perfect gift for the sustainable queens in your life. Not only are they waste free and reusable, they are ADORABLE!
  2. Fabric Gift Wrap Set. Now here’s something to wrap with, that doubles as a gift in itself 💝! Around the holidays, wrapping paper and other gift decorations can be wasteful and excessive. To keep it green, try using reusable fabric gift wrap!  
  3. Baggu Reusable Packable Tote👜. When was the last time you forgot your reusable bags at the grocery store? Baggu Packable bags are perfect for our forgetful friends, as they pack up into a small, portable size that fits in most purses! These bags reduce plastic waste while shopping AND double as an accessory with the CUTEST prints.
  4. Curtsy Gift Card. Hello, the perfect gift has arrived. Not sure what to get someone? Let them decide for themselves with a Curtsy Gift Card. Not going to see the recipient in person? Not a problem, Curtsy Gift Cards are digital 💳! Giving the gift of shopping sustainably is always a winner in our book. 

Gifts for the Traveler, dare we say…Mr/Mrs. Worldwide 🌎

  1. Baboon to the Moon Bag 🧳. Baboon to the Moon, makes functional fun with their perfect travel bags. With bags of all sizes, colors, and functions, treat your traveler to a swanky new piece.
  2. Thread Wallets Fanny Pack. NEWSFLASH. Fanny packs are IN. They can be worn as traditional fanny packs or crossbodys. Thread Wallets make great options that come in a variety of colors.
  3. Film Camera 🎞. A timeless way to capture the moment, on film. Snag your traveler a film camera to see all of their adventures unedited and in the moment. 
  4. Thread Wallets Airpods Case. For any airpods user, a case is essential to keeping them protected 🎧. Thread Wallets does it again with the fun print options and carabiners to attach easily to bags on the go. Never lose those things again!
  5. Luggage Tag/Passport Holder. Grab a fun and colorful luggage tag 🏷 and passport holder for the traveler who loves a good Pinterest moment or just a good old pop of color. 

Gifts for Him, whoever “He” might be 👀…

  1. Carhartt Jacket 🧥. These jackets are all the rage this winter season. Curtsy has a ton of vintage options for the perfect unique and functional piece.
  2. Nike Socks. You would be surprised how excited boys get when they receive these socks as a gift 🧦.
  3. Vinyl Air Freshener. Have a man in your life who loves music? These sweet Vinyl air fresheners are a fun and unique way to freshen up the car 💽! They come in packs with interchangeable “records” for different scents!
  4. Method Body Wash 🧼. Method body wash bottles are made from recycled plastic and use plant based cleansers. As something your man may not think to buy for himself, this is a fun gift to throw in at the last minute.
  5. New Balance 550. These sneakers are an awesome gift for one who loves fashion, clothes, or shoes 👟. They are the perfect neutral sneaker that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Gifts for Mom 💐

  1. Salt Lamp 🕯. Everyone loves a little relaxation. Salt lamps bring warmth to a room and provide a calming effect for Mom (she’ll thank you later…).
  2. HydroFlask Mug. Surely Mom already has her favorite mugs, but does she have a HydroFlask mug ☕️? Remind your mom just how thoughtful you are with a gift she can use on the go. 
  3. DIY Tile Mat. These Pinterest worthy tile mats are the perfect gift for mom. She can create her own messages and designs. It’s perfect for year-round use and great for every holiday 🎄!
  4. Brooklinen Robe. Mom will definitely need to unwind after this year’s holiday festivities. Let her unwind in style with a high quality linen robe in her favorite color 🛁! 
  5. Birkenstock Boston Clogs 👞. Although she has had her Birkenstocks for decades, it may be time for a much needed upgrade. Get Mom a pair of Birkenstocks that are in style, in season, and that will be around for decades to come.
Curtsy News

No Seller Fees For the First Time Ever 💥#ReverseBlackFriday

We’re flipping the switch this Black Friday. To encourage cleanout over consumption, we’re waiving ALL seller fees on new items listed from Friday, Nov 25 through Sunday, Nov 27.


Over 85% of textiles produced end up in landfills. In America alone, that amounts to about 81 lbs of clothing per person, yearly. With Reverse Black Friday, we’ve envisioned a fun way to keep fashion out of landfills and help folks earn extra money for the holidays.

This is the perfect time to do something about that pile of clothes you don’t wear anymore… the ones that you’ve been meaning to do something about for months. List any item on Curtsy from Friday, Nov 25 through Sunday, Nov 27 with no seller fees.

Questions about Reverse Black Friday?

Check out our FAQ below or send us an email at [email protected].

  • When is the promotion? You can start listing items for zero seller fees anytime on November 25. All items must be listed by midnight November 27th to have no fees
  • What are seller fees normally? Our seller fees are $1 + 5% of sale price + 2.9% payment processing fee
  • Are seller fees waived for all items? Yes, all items that are typically allowed on Curtsy are included in this promotion. You can read our Seller FAQ to learn more about what items we allow on Curtsy
  • What if the item sells after the promotion ends? If you list an item from Nov 25 through Nov 27, it won’t ever have seller fees, no matter when it sells
  • Are you also doing a typical Black Friday sale? To encourage cleanout over consumption, our only Black Friday promotion is to waive seller fees 11.25 – 11.27 🙂
  • Is there a limit to the amount I can post? Nope! You can post as many items as you’d like
  • Do I need to do anything to get no seller fees? Nope! As long as you list your items from Nov 25 through Nov 27, your items will automatically have zero seller fees
  • Does this affect the items I already have listed on Curtsy? Our Black Friday promotion is only for new items listed on Curtsy and does not affect any items you already have listed
  • Can I make drafts before Friday Nov 25 to post during the promotion? Any draft made before Friday Nov 25 will still have seller fees.

Happy listing!

🥰 Team Curtsy 

Curtsy News

Today we’re launching Try Ons: It’s like TikTok for resale

Try Ons are a new way to shop and sell with video. Scroll, shop, and list videos, seamlessly in the app.

Read WWD’s feature story about Curtsy’s new Try On feature:

We believe the future of resale is video

Shopping resale and selling your clothes online shouldn’t be hard. Try Ons create a unique way for sellers to show their clothes in action, letting buyers easily see all the details of the item.

We’re launching Try Ons because we believe it’s a faster way to post items, and, they’ll sell sooner because buyers can easily see the material and fit of items. 

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

How Do Try Ons Work?

When you post your item, you’ll see a new Try On option to add a video to your listing, alongside the current photos option. You can list an item with photos, a Try On video, or you can add both!

The best way to show your item is to model it so buyers can see how the item fits. You can also show the item on a hanger, or a simple surface, if you don’t want to model it. This works well for things like sneakers, accessories, or any items that no longer fit!

Pro tips for taking videos

  • Make sure the item is in full view
  • Good lighting is key so you can see the item clearly
  • Include a clip showing any damage or flaws
  • Zoom in on the item to show details and multiple angles

Here’s what our users are saying

We’re so excited to share this feature and hope you have as much fun using it as we did creating it. If you’d like more info, watch our video or send us a message in the app. 

We know the Try On feature may not be perfect from day one, so we’d love to hear from you on how we can continue to improve it ([email protected]).

We’re excited for your feedback!

Cheers 🥰

Team Curtsy 

INSPO Trending

3 Trending Winter Aesthetics for 2022

A new season calls for new fashion aesthetics! At Curtsy, we are always keeping up with trends to keep YOU up with the styles worn by fashion and TikTok girls (and maybe even become one yourself). For Winter 2022, it’s all about layering, staying warm and keeping it basic while also keeping those sequins and glitter pieces from New Year’s Eve in rotation! 

From the preppy vibes of Academia Style, Romantic Ballet and Dollette Core to flashy and fun Euphoria inspo, here are the 3 trending winter aesthetics for 2022 to know (and wear).


Collage of academia styled outfits
Photo: @meliskrem, @zaraynah, @stephkoutss, @amanzzie, @maggie_mccormack

This style is layers on layers on layers! If we’re being honest, the base of the Academia aesthetic has never really been out of style – it just reinvents itself with the times. Think Blair Waldorf meets literature student reading a romance novel under a tree (lol).

If you love wearing neutral tones, oversize blazers over button ups and turtlenecks, pleated skirts and trousers, loafers, tights and neutral bows or chunky headbands – you may be into the Academia aesthetic. It is such an easy style to replicate with items we all probably have in our closets because they are capsule staples!

🌟Euphoria Inspired

Collage of Euphoria inspired styles and makeup
Photo: @donni.davy, Euphoria

We are pretty sure you already know EXACTLY where we are headed with the Euphoria aesthetic because it’s one of the most talked about shows in the last two years! Although the aesthetic needs no explanation, all we have to say is pretend it is New Years Eve everyday!

Expression is the number one word that comes to mind when the Euphoria aesthetic is mentioned. Not only does each character wear their hearts on their sleeves, but their entire personality can be seen the moment they step on screen. From glittery, bright eyeshadow to cutout dresses and low waisted pants – dress like the party never ends!

Love this aesthetic? Shop hand-selected pieces in our Euphoria Inspired List >

🎀 Romantic Core

Collage of romantic core pink and lace outfits
Photo: @lovedoveclarke, @leximars, @camrihewie, @minamaelena, @cinziabayliszullo, @tammy.tot, @nobootybuii

When you think of lace, tulle, pink roses, fresh flowers, lots of blush on your cheeks and nose and the color pink, a Romantic aesthetic girl is probably not too far behind! Instead of the off-duty model, think off-duty dancer in wrap tops, elevated athleisure, ballet flats or UGG’s and anything that reminds you of a doily on the dining table! 

The Romantic aesthetic is all about soft and cute pieces. Terms like Dollette, Coquette and Ballet Core describe someone who loves this aesthetic.

Want more trending inspo? Shop Nikki’s curated collection of pieces she loves on Curtsy

💃🏽 Meet the author!

picture of author Nikki

Nikki’s one of the content creators over on the Curtsy social channels! She has loved so many pieces that she’s bought from sellers on the app to help expand her girly + feminine, cottagecore style!

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