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All That Sparkles: Meet The 17 Year Old That Created A Jewelry Empire


17 Years Old And Running A Successful Jewelry Business? It’s About Time Y’all Met Sara Caroline.

Let’s start from the beginning. Last fall, Sara “Sar Car” Caroline, Junior at Oxford High School, needed a necklace to wear to picture day…



She found one at a boutique in Downtown Oxford but was in huge trouble when it broke the next day, leaving her again without a piece to wear on picture day.


That’s when she had the idea that would change the course of her life forever.


She took a suede cord lying around the house and restrung the necklace the night before picture day.

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This was when the choker came back on the scene. She had the idea to combine the necklace with a choker, using a really long cord.


The next day at school, her friends were OBSESSED.


Her friends started bringing her their broken necklaces, and she’d string those up too.


Everyone at school kept asking her about them, so she started making them as gifts.


But it wasn’t long before her parents had enough. The operation was taking over, they said, she needed to start selling them.


She made an Instagram, @jewelsbysarcar, and everyone started tagging their friends.


She made a website where she’d release 15-20 pieces at a time, and they’d sell out in 10 minutes.

That was so exciting to watch them sell out so fast. I would put them up on Sunday afternoon and they’d be gone in 10 minutes. ‘People must like them!’ [Laughing]


Then Archer + Arrow, a boutique in Corinth, MS, invited Sara Caroline to sell her line in her store. Her first batch sold out in a week.


The same thing happened in Oxford when she started selling at Therapy, and at their location in Memphis.


Every time I’m making something, I think about the person that will end up wearing it, and the memories they’re going to make while wearing it.


The Instagram blew up and started to expand to different towns. People started tying them in different ways, like wearing the choker necklace as a bracelet.


She put out a request for people to apply to be Ambassadors, and 370 people applied. It took her a week to sort through them, even with the help of close friends.


Now Jewels by SarCar is sold all over the South, and her most sales come from Tulsa, Oklahoma, very far from Oxford, where it all started.


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Need some inspiration? Here are Sara Caroline’s Nimble picks



You can find Sara Caroline’s collection at her website and follow her on Instagram.

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Aside from being spotted at the Standard pool, you will also want to take part in ATH’s Downtown Summer Fun. Whether its going “DT”, seeing a concert at Georgia Theatre, or going to ATH FEST you will want dress to impress. However, no need to worry because Nimble #TeamAthens has your Summer Style Guide to Athens covered.

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Nimble Is Expanding To Your School. Are You Our Next Campus Director?

Ally Taylor and Wilder Heath lead the Nimble team @ UGA.


I love being able to connect with girls in the Athens community I didn’t know before. It’s so fun getting people excited about the app and having them grow UGA’s closet !!

Ally Taylor, UGA Campus Director


What is Nimble?

Nimble is an app that lets you rent dresses from other women at your school. It’s a great way to find a dress for formals, game days, weddings and more.


We’re a group of friends that launched the app at Ole Miss in January of this year. It’s done really well. Over 1,500 dresses have been posted to the app. Those dresses have been rented hundreds of times by women here on campus.

We’ve proven out the model at Ole Miss. Now, we’re hiring Campus Directors at every school across the south to help us expand.

Don’t see your school? Let us know in your application why your school needs Nimble. 🙂

Who We’re Looking For

Are you passionate about marketing or fashion? Do you love meeting new people? Are you a natural leader? You could be our next Campus Director.

The Opportunity

  • Counts for 3-4 hours of class credit at most schools
  • Real-world marketing and entrepreneurship experience
  • Great for the resume, especially for marketing or fashion related jobs out of school
  • We write detailed recommendation letters to potential employers
  • Opportunity for full-time jobs at Nimble after undergrad
  • Paid internship based on performance
  • Be a part of the next big wave in fashion-related technology: peer-to-peer sharing.
The Nimble team at Ole Miss, where we launched in January.

What Campus Directors Do

  • Boots on the ground at your school
  • Serves as the go-to expert on all-things Nimble
  • Get people at your school to try Nimble through trunk shows and other initiatives
  • Recruit ambassadors for the Nimble CHANGEMAKER program
  • Plan and run trunk shows and other events

Sound good? Apply here and we’ll be in touch soon!

PS: Don’t see your school? Let us know in your application why your school needs Nimble 🙂