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10 Things I Never Said Thank You for, Dad

Graduating high school and getting ready for college, I swore I knew it all. I felt like I could handle whatever came my way as I left my city in Georgia and moved to the University of South Carolina. I thought I didn’t need to listen to anything anyone told me, and boy was I wrong. Well Dad, this one’s for you. There are a million things I could put on this list, but these 10 have to be the things that have impacted me the most during my first two years at USC.


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CashMeOut Eating at the 8 Best Brunches in the ATL


Credit: Olivia Vranjes (@oliviavranjes)

Being from Atlanta and absolutely obsessed with breakfast food like most southerners, I always HAVE to know which places are the best brunch destinations. Even though Atlanta gave me the worst driving skills ever (lol not kidding even in the slightest), it did give me the best taste for some good brunch eating, so I about to break down my best brunch places with even better Insta ops, which we all know is muy importanté!