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This Hotty Toddy Duo Has Us Wanting to Transfer to Ole Miss

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend, and this sophomore duo is nothing short of KILLER. Ole Miss’ @millerthekillerr and @kaylormwebb have been killin’ Curtsy at Ole Miss for two semesters together. Miller rocks a 36” inseam, while Kaylor’s eyelashes are practically the same length. 

Kaylor found out about Curtsy through a trunk show her freshman year, and now she’s the face behind the BOMB insta at Ole Miss. As marketing lead, Miller’s favorite part of trunk shows is seeing how excited girls get when they find an outfit they love!!

I am a fun-loving, go-getter with–I think– an eye for fashion and design. Organization is my favorite concept and pizza is my kryptonite.”

– Miller

Ole Miss Social Media Manager, Kaylor Webb.

Curtsy: If you have 5 minutes to get dressed, what do you put on?

K: Leggings with a cute-comfy sweatshirt and a pair of stylish sneakers (adidas, platform sneakers, air-max retros). It’s not easy for me to pick out a nice outfit quickly so naturally I just find the most comfortable yet cute outfit I can think of.

M: Black jeans, alligator belt, silky tank with a fun neckline, leather jacket, alligator black mid-calf boots.

It’s no surprise that Kaylor was a competitive cheerleader growing up– that bubbly personality and blonde hair have us seeing double of Hayden Panettiere in Bring it On.

While Kaylor perfected stunts and pom cheers grades K-12, Miller perfected her cat whiskers each Halloween for 13 YEARS IN A ROW.

“Now that I’m older, I still consider it every year. Meow.”

Curtsy: What inspires you?

M: My mom’s strength and can-do attitude has always inspired me. She is the A1 #GIRLBOSS!! 

Kaylor and Miller are both Kappa’s together and live across the hall from each other. These two eat, sleep and BREATHE Curtsy.

Curtsy: What is your favorite thing to rent off the app?

K: Game day dresses!

Ole Miss Marketing Lead, Miller Myers.

Things our #girlbosses love:

K: Black ripped jeans! I literally wear them 10x more than any pair of pants I own. Black always looks best with any top, especially in the winter! And Matthew McConaughey, the man ages like wine. 

M: I am obsessed with mid-calf boots. Obsessed.

Advice from the Curtsy team at Ole Miss: 

K: Don’t stress over the things you cannot control!

M: Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on your own way of life.

You heard it here first. It’s no wonder Curtsy is #trending in Oxford, Mississippi. This duo is a dream come true to Curtsy HQ! Shout out to you, @kaylormwebb and @millerthekillerr!

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Curtsy is the app that lets you rent dresses from each other on college campuses, and it’s live at Ole Miss.

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Campus Team Blogs

These J’s Aren’t On Our Feet, but on that Aggie Curtsy Team

Jacy and Jillian— J squad. This duo is holding the Curtsy fort down in Texas. Jacy leads marketing efforts while Jillian runs our insta game. Curtsy aside, these girls shine. Here, they can tell you themselves.

Curtsy: Tell us about yourself!

Jacy: I’m a junior at Texas A&M! I’m involved in KKG and on the Texas A&M cheer squad. I’m passionate about travel and adventures. Eventually, I want to work in the sports industry planning or coordinating events for arenas.

Jillian: This is the hardest question for me to answer because I think there are so many things I could tell you that are strange/cool/random so I don’t even know where to start, but usually I start with my fam because they’re my fav! I have four siblings two dogs and the best parents in the world

Our A&M team has a bucket list full of places to go! Jacy wants to visit all 50 states and also wants to learn how to scuba dive. Jillian’s top places are Iceland’s lagoons, Mohnoran Sand Hills, Dubai and Crater Lake. You ladies better document your travels well for your #Curtsyfam!!

Curtsy: What’s your favorite part of being on the Curtsy team?

Jacy: I love the fun and creative atmosphere that comes with being a part of the team!

Jillian: I LOVE what the company is. It’s so cool to work for a company that you can totally get behind. It’s practical, it’s cool and it’s the type of idea I wish I could have come up with myself. I love how it’s run by people close in age with myself and how the company knows itself and its market so well!

Jacy was once told to live in the moment because you will never be in the same place with the same people at the same time, so take it all in and savor it. Mic drop. Thank you, Jacy.

Curtsy: What inspires you?

Jillian: CREATORS! I love love love finding videographers and photographers on Instagram and YouTube. Literally this is what I do in my free time, and I’m not ashamed. I love finding people who create beautiful things and live beautiful lives.

Jillian wasn’t kidding when she said she loved creators. She recommended for us to follow @indyblue_ on insta because “she will inspire you to live your best life.” You won’t be let down. Do it.

Curtsy: Describe your ideal date. 

Jacy: A night by the river under the stars with a fire roasting and s’mores– talking about life!

If Jillian were a drink, she’d be wine because it’s “classy and timeless.” Speaking of classy and timeless, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is her celebrity crush because of “how much he LOVES BLAKE and their children. UGH.”

Curtsy: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Jacy: An otter. They are adorable and can float and sleep at the same time!!

Jillian: A lion because they’re the most regal and fierce!

A little advice to the boys, from our one and only Jacy. Here is a pick-up line you probably shouldn’t use. *checks the tag on girl’s shirt* “I was right. You were made in heaven.”

PS. Want to turn your closet into cash? Download Curtsy and Upload in Seconds.

Curtsy is the app that lets you rent dresses from each other on college campuses, and it’s live at Texas A&M.

Join the Curtsy Community today. 


Download it here.


Don’t FORGET you are ALWAYS Somebody’s Role Model

So today I was checking out at Wal-Mart, and making small talk with the cute, little old cashier. During our short moment together I learned she was a retired professor from a small college in Oregon, her children moved her down to Fayetteville to be closer to her grandkids, and she often got bored during the day, so she applied to work at Wal-Mart to pass the time. She went on to tell me how she wanted to work at THIS particular Wal-Mart so she could meet ‘all the kids going to school.’

As my items were bagged and my total was paid, I said goodbye to the cutest old lady I had ever met. I begin to walk away with my bags in tow, when I heard her raise her voice and tell me,


It felt like an odd thing for someone I hardly knew to say to me, but it also felt empowering.

I chose to tell you all about this story because just like the cute old lady said to me, we are always somebodies role model. Maybe you are the role model for a younger sibling, a friend, a classmate, a teacher, a community, perhaps even a stranger. That is the beauty of the little old lady’s statement—we are role models for some we don’t even know. I hope we all take a note out of the old lady’s handbook and pursue our best selves.

I hope we pursue our best selves for so many reasons. When we are pursuing a better us, we are changing for the better. We are putting our best foot forward. When we put our best foot forward we have the power to impact so many beautiful lives.

LIVES that are struggling.

LIVES that are lost. LIVES that are thriving.

LIVES that are in need of a role model.

So take a chance on a better you because you are always somebody’s role model.

Campus Team Blogs

This ECU Duo is Slowly Taking this #1 Party School to the #1 Curtsy School

Marketing Manager, Courtney Price (left) and Social Media Lead, Keeley Egan (right)

Welcome to East Carolina University in the heart of North Carolina, where they’re known for their night life and these #BossBabes are helping dress girls one outfit at a time.

Courtney Price and Keeley Egan have quickly made ECU one of the biggest schools for Curtsy and it’s not surprising as to why. These trendy girls have a work ethic like no other, and will stop at nothing to spread the word about Curtsy on their campus. This duo has been killin’ it for Curtsy since Fall 2017 and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.


My name is Keeley Egan and I am from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! I am a Junior studying Fashion Merchandising here at East Carolina University! I have a 20+ LB cat, her name is Lucy and she is my absolute bestie!!!

I’m Courtney Price, a junior at East Carolina University! Even though I’m the Marketing Manager for Curtsy, I love fashion (and spend way more money than I really have) and bring it together with a Construction Management major with a minor in Interior Design! To me, interior design and construction are still fun and it’s like putting an outfit on a house!

Curtsy:  What’s one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?

K: I cannot live without my black booties!
C: Black ripped skinny jeans. Got to have them.

Curtsy: What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

K: Denim. Denim. Denim. If I could wear a sick pair of jeans or a denim skirt everyday for the rest of my life, i would.
C: I am all about stars! I want it on my earrings, my shoes, my pants, everywhere!

Black booties, denim and stars; oh my! These ladies not only keep their style simple, but always trendy. It’s no wonder they’ve found such success as owners on Curtsy and helped others do the same. With their outgoing personalities and their ambition to help girls make money and save money, Courtney and Keeley are on a roller coaster that’s only going up.

PS. Like their style?! Download Curtsy and Rent them today!

Campus Team Blogs

Oklahoma should be known for Isabelle Preston and Sydney Mills, not that quarterback

How Oklahoma is known for football’s Baker Mayfield and not for this Curtsy team is unknown to us. Sydney Mills and Isabelle Preston will have us in tears when they graduate. These Oklahoma girls are a dream come true to Curtsy HQ!!

Sydney hosts baller trunk shows as our marketing lead, while Isabelle keeps Oklahoma ladies in style with her #trending Oklahoma Curtsy insta.

Curtsy: What’s your favorite part of being on the Curtsy team?

I: I love all of the girl empowerment and seeing how creative everyone is!

S: I really feel like a part of the team, despite everyone being spread across the entire US!!

When asked to tell about herself, Isabelle shared her love for dogs. Specifically Dalmatians and German Shepherds (girl, same). Oh, and it does not come to a surprise her life goal is to have her own wedding planning company!! Plan our weddings, Isabelle!

Curtsy: What are three fun facts about you?

I: I went to an all-girls high school, I hate brownies, and I could eat my body weight in queso.

S: My mom had me when she was 46, I’m allergic to Christmas trees, and I would probably trade my firstborn to marry Kevin Love.

Sydney is smitten with Kevin Love. Her ideal date is for Kevin Love to take her to Target. But no rush, Kevin. Sydney is not expecting a ring by spring, “unless we’re talkin’ spring 2050.”

Curtsy: Where can you typically be found on a Friday night?

I: In bed….

S: I’m either way overdressed taking $2 shots at 747 or watching Scandal in my velvet sweats. No in-between.

Curtsy: What are some of your favorite things about college?

I: I love getting ready with all my roommates. We have all our doors open, put a speaker in the hallway and blare music while running in and out of each others rooms *trying* to get ready. Whenever our boyfriends come in they swear we must all be deaf. Sounds SUPER cheesy but I love it.

S: Football! Tailgates! Darties! Also, I’m a basic b#$@! and LOVE our school colors. Crimson & cream look good on anyone.

Isabelle is crushin’ on Zac Efron, and girl, so are we after watching his circus performance in The Greatest Showman. Her top five things she looks for a in a guy are sense of humor, tall, smart, good with kids and a goofball! Zac Efron checks almost all of these boxes (he’s only 5’8″, but then again Isabelle is 5″).

Meanwhile, Sydney wants to be Kim Kardashian’s dog. Oh, and if she could be a drink she would be tequila & rootbeer. She made it when she was out of mixers one night, “but it’s amazing, like me.”

Curtsy: What is your philosophy?

I: Don’t care what other people think, they’re probably jealous and lame.

S: No one ever has their sh!t together so it’s silly to act like you do, plus it’s more fun.

PS. Like Isabelle & Sydney’s style? Download Curtsy and Rent them.

Download it here.

#GirlBoss Guide

6 College Side Hustles That Don’t Suck

Being broke in college is a given right? It’s hard to not have serious fomo when scrolling through your friends highlights on Instagram or crave something other than ramen for dinner: Thus the introduction of a side hustle. Here are six ways for you to have some side money without losing your social life or sanity. 

  1. Resume Chic –Are you the girl who has her LinkedIn already set up? Have you peered into the real world and realized that a good resume takes you places? Create your go-to template for the people in your life that need some help, and charge a nice lil fee for your services.
  1. Craft on—Always on Pinterest looking at a DIY? Why not open a shop on Etsy and sell your creations to the world. From calligraphy, jewelry making, and embroidery there’s plenty of ways to make your crafting time lucrative. You can even upload the resume templates mentioned earlier! Get that schmoney girllll.
  1. Become an Uber/ Lyft Driver – This one’s for the night owls or the people that live out of their cars. Uber makes signing up SO easy. Plus, major perk: you get to decide your own hours! BEEP BEEP – CASH COMING THROUGH. Pro Tip: Make sure to keep water bottles on hand to keep that 5 star rating.
  1. Participate in a Research Study on Campus– We have all seen the flyers around our college campuses asking if want to participate in a study. Well you can only do this once, honey- in college. These research groups are always working on something new, so being apart of research studies is a EASY way to earn some extra cash (sometimes around the $100 dollar range). Cha chingggggg!
  1. Fill out Online Surveys – For the countless hours binge watching Netflix while simultaneously browsing the web.  Instead of browsing, you could spend your time filling out online surveys. Sites will literally pay you to fill them out. Makin’ this money move is simple. You just register and the companies will contact you when they have a survey that fits your aesthetic, okurr.
  1. CURTSY APP – OF COURSE HONEY THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE SOME CASH CURTSY. Want to make money without selling your entire wardrobe? Welcome to curtsy – an app that lets you rent out your clothes to girls nearby and rent from them as well. Not only do you make money off the clothes in your closet already you get a new giant closet for way less the normal cost. Now that’s a win-win. Stay stylish and get ya money girl.


#GirlBoss Guide

A #BACK2SKOOL Money Makin’ Story

This semester we’re letting our shopping addiction foot the bill. That’s right ladies, it’s time to raise our glasses for all the girls who are letting their closets pay for their Saturday night drinks, late night pizzas, and Instagram worthy outfits with Curtsy.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

First, literally, grab every b*tchin’ outfit in your closet while you’re home.

Second,  because everything you own is b*tchin’ you’ll need to call in some backup to load the car because no money makin’ goods are getting left behind.

Once the goods are secure, say goodbye to your hometown homies and cruise #BACK2SKOOL.

Ok, so you’ve made it back, HELL YEAH, it’s time to unpack your money makin’ looks,Once you’ve got your looks photographed, be ballin’ and upload them on Curtsy,

Seriously, time is money! Now that your closet is uploaded, it’s time for your first rental to slide on into your DMs.As the rentals keep coming in, kick back and watch your dresses buy you drinks,

So we know what you’re thinking…

And to that we say: bring it in, we need a group hug.

No worries, this money makin’ story always makes us a little emotional too. 

Curtsy is the #1 best way to make money in college. We had girls make $450 last semester — and you can too, just by uploading your closet. We cover all of your items up to $1000 in case of accidents, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

TTYL ladies, we’ve got some closet browsing ahead of us.