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Brianna Hunczak Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Miami Swim


This #GirlBoss made her way into Miami Fashion Week and gave us the all-access pass. Watch out Tash & Dev!

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Meet Brianna.

Brianna was the ultimate queen in Miami. She does it all- not only is she a current student at FSU, but she also just launched her fashion blog Stone Cold Feels. It’s hard to imagine anyone who’s better suited to take us behind the scenes at the coolest event of the summer- and lucky for us, she gave us all the deets of her week.


Q: Tell us a little bit about the name

‘Stone Cold Feels’ came to me after I visualized the final design of my site and it suites my personality perfectly. I’m an old soul and love the term ‘Stone Cold Fox’, I happen to love the brand as well ? .


When someone wears all white it shows that they have the confidence to pull it off. It gives off such a fresh and chic vibe that makes them seem more approachable.

Q: Okay so, tell us the craziest thing that happened during fashion week…

Typical of Florida weather, a storm came over and hit hard for the Mint Show. We had to figure out an alternative option. We literally put a fashion show on which would usually take a month of planning in thirty minutes. It was so stressful, but ended up being a success.  The venue was so cool and I couldn’t imagine the show being anywhere else.

I experienced every type of job: being a runner, working check-in, and helping manage in-house. Before shows we would put goodie bags and name cards on the seats and make sure everything was set up how the designer wanted it.


I had celebrity spottings throughout the whole week! I saw Brody Jenner with his fiancé, Scott Eastwood from ‘The Longest Ride’, Natasha Oakley, Rocky Barnes, and many famous models.


Q: What’s next for you?

I’m set on marketing in the fashion world. In my opinion, marketing is a combination of a business mindset and creativity which combines my passion for economics and strategy with design and innovation.


Follow Brianna on Instagram @bri_babyy & blog

We definitely have to make the trip next year.
xoxo, Team Curtsy

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