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How Whitley and Harris Created The Boho Beads Empire


Wearing Boho Beads makes us feel like we’re at Coachella. We’re getting the full story on how these two #GirlBosses started the bead empire.

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Meet Whitley and Harris.

A brunette (Whitley) and a blonde (Harris) with an inseparable bond. Cheesy, I know, but seriously…these two #GirlBosses are literally running a beading empire. From Bonnaroo to Bama, we love seeing Boho Beads everywhere. Whitley and Harris handcraft their jewelry to make us feel like we’re at a music festival everyday. They’re smart, business savy, and absolutely GORGEOUS! How do they do it? We were dying to know too so we had to get the story.


Harris and I have grown up together since we were babies and our parents have been friends since college. We have been making friendship bracelets ever since we were in middle school.


How Did It All Start?

Our family and friends started to ask us where they could buy our bracelets. Before we knew it, we were asking our parents to drive us to the UPS store to mail our bracelets to strangers/friends/family. Then we finally started ‘Boho Beads’ and expanded to necklaces in August of 2013.


Harris and I get most of our inspiration from our travels and trends around the world.? We love to travel-any opportunity we get, we travel. Our most frequent spot is NYC. We are traveling to Los Angeles and Hawaii together at the end of July.


It’s hard to choose a favorite piece, we love them all. My favorites would probably be our suede evil eye double wrap the ‘Brooklyn’ and the multi Pom Pom necklace the ‘Honolulu’. I always find myself wearing those.

Picture5What’s Next?

We are traveling to Hawaii at the end of July for a trunk show. We plan to expand to more stores around the United States & go International. We’re still in school but working our dream job!


We had no clue it would be what Boho Beads has turned into today. I could have never guessed this. We are so thankful and blessed it has turned into this!

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We loved getting to meet these two amazing women!
xoxo, Team Curtsy

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