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Want the Boys to Peek-At-Chu? Our Guide To The New Pokemon Dating App

Amanda + Pokemon

Does your significant other even Pokémon Go? Why You Should Dump Your ‘S.O.’ & Join This Pokemon Go Dating Site

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There are two kinds of people in this world.

  1. The greatest people you will ever meet: The Pokémoners
  2. And the worst: The Haters

There is absolutely no in-between.

So if your SO is one of those people who clearly doesn’t understand the utter importance and strategic effort of “catching em’ all”, then they absolutely cannot sit with us.

Naomi Pokemon

Also if lines like,

I’ll show you my Charzard if you show me your Jigglypuff

…don’t cut it for you (they shouldn’t, ever), but you are still an avid Pokémon Go player seeking your very own Ash or Misty, we have your solution.

Okay so let’s talk Pokédates.


Yes, a dating site for Pokémon Go players now exists, what a time to be alive. Pokédates, a Project Fixup creation, is bringing Pokemon players together everywhere. The first date is free, but more dates will cost you $20. Is it worth it, you ask? Well we have come up with just a few reasons you should give your SO a big ole Pokémon- NO THANKS and enter the mystical world that is Pokédates.

  1. To expand your Pokémon collection. I mean, obviously.
  2. To save money. Why spend $50 on dinner & cheap wine when you can have an exquisite free date while adding to your Pokémon collection? Can you think of a reason? Cause we sure as hell can’t.
  3. To educate yourself. Learn from your date, seriously. Pokémon Go has set up tons of Pokéstops at educational places like college campuses, historical landmarks, etc. So while you’re on your date make sure you make the most of it (educational-wise, that is) and absorb some knowledge. That way, your date thinks it’s all fun and games, but really you are making them smarter. What started out as a date with a game-obsessed juvenile just turned into a rendezvous with a future doctor/ lawyer, congrats!

Nervous about your first date with the PokeBae of your dreams?

Check out some of these hot AF outfits from Curtsy guaranteed to leave your date wanting another “peek-atch-u” (see what I did there)

Ally Pokemon




Mary Margaret

What is Curtsy?

Curtsy lets you borrow dresses without the awkward.

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