From Louisiana to the Oval Office, is Virginia Stewart Our Next President?

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Virginia Stewart 2016?! This LSU #GirlBoss spent the summer hangin’ with congresswomen (and men) in our Nation’s Capitol…

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Meet Virginia Stewart.

This Louisiana native has spent most of her summer interning for a Congressman on Capitol Hill. Keep reading to see what went down this summer.

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This summer, I’m interning for a Congressman on the Hill and it’s been incredible! I wake up early, throw on my work clothes, then metro to the Nation’s Capitol everyday.
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As an intern, I’m in charge of making sure that everything in the office runs smoothly, so let’s just say one of my most important “duties” is making sure the coffee is up to par (lol).
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My first day at work I was terrified… to say the least. The first phone call I answered was actually a Congressman and when I tried to transfer him, I accidently hung up…whoopsies. Definitely makes for a good story now.
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I’ve learned that the only way to survive DC on a budget is to take advantage of Happy Hour. I now know why so many people resort to getting a beer after a long day at work to start unwinding.
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Q: What are some of your favorite things to do around D.C.?
I love afternoon runs around the Mall. It has been so hot this summer in DC with temperatures reaching 107 F on the daily. So sometimes my runs are short lived but it’s one of the most incredible things being able to run the Mall and finish at the Lincoln steps and just taking in the view.
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Go to the Lincoln late at night. Bring a bottle of wine and some friends to sit on the front steps overlooking the reflection pool & George Washington Monument. It’s pretty breathtaking with the Capitol in the background.
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One of my highlights of my summer so far has been going and trapezing. When you reach the top you get an amazing view of the city!

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This month has been one of the most incredible experiences. Every day after I leave work I call my parents to thank them for giving me such an amazing opportunity.

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