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Shop to Rock the South at These Six Top Stops

The six top stops in Lex that will make you shop until you (literally) drop ~ below are a list of my personal favorite boutiques in Lex that you won’t want to pass up. Being a student at the University of Kentucky and being part of my most loved sisterhood, Alpha Phi, I am always searching for the next best dress for an upcoming event. I have never once visited one of these places and not been able to find just that and be confident in my purchase. I not only get use out of the clothing myself, but they are the most perfect styles to upload to Curtsy in order to make cash back in return – woohoo!!

First Stop, Peacocks and Pearls

The name is most essential in a southern state such as our own, so you can assume the clothing and accessories within are too. It is so rare to walk into a store and find a bit of everything, but take my word, this is always my most fun and convenient stop. Without the stress of going from store to store, I found the perfect two-piece set and floppy hat to make my first Kentucky Derby experience one to remember. I am thrilled we have this darling boutique in Lex. Not only is the merchandise always trendy, but also the store atmosphere is incomparable to most. There is so much creativity within the design that makes your experience just that much more fun (to me, this is a very important store quality) ~ can you tell I’m obsessed??

(the darling two piece on the right is available for you pretty people to rent from my closet)

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Second Stop, Monkee’s of Lexington

Peep a southern belle style with a taste of prep ~ does it get much better than that?? I have loved this boutique since the day I stepped my fashionable foot inside and my closet can prove it. The clothing selection offered year-round is every southern belles dream. The bright color schemes of the most flirty clothing catch your eye the second you walk in (not to mention the tassel jewelry that you can’t pass up). It gets even better (if you can believe that) as there are shoes too!! Anything from Jack Rogers to your most desired casual wedge are right at your fingertips (or tippy toes as the case may be). Need I say more?

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Third Stop, Shop Local Kentucky

As they would say – “Life is better in the Bluegrass” (I strongly agree) At the corner of Woodland Ave you can find the perfect Kentucky tee for a tailgate or sporting event (and for every holiday in between). The layout of the store is desirable in the way that it is not overwhelming and is very easy to look around. Personally, I like this style best because on game day when you, of course, must have the latest and greatest tee, you can make a quick stop and find not just any tee, but one of the cutest ever. I am crazy about this store for its unique style for all my Kentucky shenanigans.

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Forth Stop, Calypso

Stay up to date with the latest and greatest styles including the most famous off the shoulder summer look. Some of my current personal favorites available for purchase are the Feel so Real and Around The World off the shoulder dresses that are cute and casual with the perfect touch of color added to them – definitely must haves. This boutique will keep you in-check with new trends and styles on a daily basis with not only their clothing, but accessories as well. To put the icing on the cake, they even help you to accessorize (name a better duo than the perfect outfit with just the right accessories – not possible)


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Fifth Stop, Bluetique

In a southern state, a taste of Hollywood spices it up with contemporary styles that are versatile enough to fit any occasion. With a unique selection of merchandise, the walls are adorned with styles that range from a dinner out on the town, a formal affair, or a Saturday tailgate to cheer on the CATS. The center tables are filled with a variety of jewelry and fun knickknacks. Last but not least, the most famous scent of volcano that we all love. This stop is one you simply cannot pass up, because I mean, why would you? It is the perfect getaway after a long day of classes all within walking distance to our favorite Kentucky campus.

(click here to rent from my closet)

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Last Stop, Peplum

New to KY and unique as ever, Peplum has style you won’t want to miss! From store to store it is common to see a duplicate item that you have once seen somewhere else. While that is possible to happen here as well, it is very rare. Every time I go into the store I am fascinated with a new look that I have not seen elsewhere. The clothing can be rather pricey; however to me it is worth every dime with its special uniqueness that you are buying along with it. The boutique specializes in on-trend and feminine fashion and it exceeds at doing just that. It’s an understatement to say this store is one of a kind, I love its style and everything in between.

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Now, get to shopping! I hope you enjoy these boutiques as much as I do ~ you will not be disappointed; they are all splendid in every way.