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Jane Spivey Mortimer Brings Seaside’s Style With Her to Starkville


Jane Spivey opened her closet for you to borrow.

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Meet Jane Spivey.

Every college girl’s dream is to spend an entire summer on the Emerald Coast without a worry in the world.  From sunbathing on the beach to having shaved ice daily at Frost Bites, it’s safe to say Jane Spivey Mortimer had a summer in paradise not just one but TWO years in a row.  Not only did she live out the 30A lifestyle to the fullest, but she also had the most amazing experience while working at Mercantile, a clothing boutique that specializes in American-made, earth-friendly, and cause-related clothing.


I’ve been dreaming about spending my summers in Seaside since I was little.  The moment I stepped into Mercantile, I knew I just HAD to be a part of their team. After working here the past two summers, Mercantile has become such a part of me.


Mercantile has taught me so much about life, fashion, my capability, and simply how to run an amazing business.  It’s owned by the most amazing family, the Pritchett’s, who have taken me under their wind and constantly loved on me.


After baking in the sun or floating in the ocean for a few hours, I would throw on some Merc clothes and be off to work to love on customers and style them while on vacation.


Q: Jane Spivey, when you weren’t working at Mercantile, what did you typically do in your spare time? 

I absolutely loved exploring the beautiful neighborhoods of Seaside.  It’ll never get old to me.  My favorites places to eat were 30A Meltdown, Taco Bar, and Great Southern Cafe.


I would love nothing more than to be back in Seaside next summer; however, I will just have to see where the wind blows me by way of internships.  I know that no matter where I end up next summer,  I will hopefully spend at least a few weeks in Seaside with my Merc fam!

IMG_0067Q: How did working at Mercantile influence your style?

Working there helped shape my style into what it is now.  Whenever I started to work there, I thought I could never pull off some of the outfits my boss wore. However, a year later, I catch myself wearing the same “bold” outfits around Starkville.


My style has always been beachy, but being in Seaside for the past two summers has definitely enhanced that side of my wardrobe.


I am inspired by my fabulous mother, several designers, NYC and California street style, and my favorite store—Planet Blue. I’m drawn to clothes that overall just make me feel happy.


Q: If you had a blog, what would the name of it be?

I’ve bounced around the idea of starting a blog, but have never committed to making one mainly because I cannot think of what to name it. Off the top of my head, it would have something to do with the beach, merc, and sunflowers.

IMG_0085 Q: Where would you like to see yourself in the next few years with your career?

My ultimate dream is to be a stylist to celebrities; to put this into perspective, Rachel Zoe is kind of living my dream.  I hope to be in a fabulous city, working as a stylist, surrounded by people I love, and be immeasurably happy.


Jane Spivey, the world is your oyster.

xoxo, Team Curtsy

Follow Jane Spivey’s adventures at @janespivey.

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