#OnFleek Of The Week

Curtsy’s #OnFleek Of The Week at Alabama: Jen Sirkin


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Curtsy: Tell us about yourself.

Jen: I’m a senior at the University of Alabama (roll tide) but everyone thinks I still act like a freshman. I love my friends more than anything, except for sweet potatoes. I have a terrible obsession with Victoria’s Secret models and the Project X soundtrack. I can’t walk by a dog without tackling it, and I’m the biggest spazz you’ll ever meet.

Curtsy: What are three fun facts that people wouldn’t believe about you?

1. I went skydiving in Budapest 2 summers ago

2. My baby pictures look like a little baby Buddha

3. I am absolutely terrified of raccoons

Curtsy: Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

Jen: Definitely have a bucket list. I want to travel, everywhere. See a concert at Red Rocks. Drink wine with Rihanna. Learn how to surf.


Curtsy: What has been your most embarrassing moment?

Jen: I was walking into a nice dinner with all of my friends wearing way too tall of shoes. I wiped out in front of the whole restaurant to where it looked like my face was making out with the ground. My skirt flew up and the whole place stopped and stared.

Curtsy: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jen: Emily Ratajkowski

Curtsy: What’s the funniest pick up line a guy has used on you?

Jen: No pick up line is funny.


Curtsy: Describe your ideal date.

Jen: Drinking margaritas while playing with puppies.

Curtsy: If you had a million dollars what would you buy and why? 

Jen: The biggest boat I could buy, so I could stuff all of my friends on it and never get off.

Curtsy: How do you feel about being Curtsy’s #OnFleek of the Week?

Jen: Well, I don’t think anyone has ever told me I’m #OnFleek before, so I guess pretty cool.

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