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Work The Look: Amanda Tells Us How To Dress For Success

amanda grass

Admit it. Dressing for work can be as boring as eating oatmeal for breakfast. Thankfully, we have #GirlBoss Amanda Jones to tell us how to dress for success without compromising on style.

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Meet Amanda.

This multi-talented #GirlBoss moved from Mississippi to Dallas for the summer to work with The Richards Group. Yesterday, we raided Amanda’s closet to learn how she combines edgy and professional so well. She told us she names her work outfits each day as the “Kim K” and “The Betty Draper.” But we name ours, “The Amanda Jones.”

amanda dress red
“The Betty Draper”

I love being able to act like a nineties girl from Brooklyn when I’m really a southern girl from Mississippi.

amanda kim
“The Kim K”

My style honestly changes, but right now I’m really into fashion of the 70s and 90s. I like to have at least one piece of my outfit that really stands out- it could be bringing back a pair of faded bell bottoms or putting on some weird sunglasses.

amanda spin
“The Kim K”

My favorite brand for work right now is Rebecca Taylor. I think her stuff is edgy but still really professional. Nordstrom Rack has some great finds for RT.

amanda romper

I like it when people say, “she looks cool”– and actually clothes make me feel way cooler than I really am. As weird as it sounds, they sort of motivate me to be the person I want to be.

amanda red

What’s Next?

Amanda’s talents go beyond styling. In the future, she wants to start her own lifestyle blog. She also started her own site to showcase her graphic designs.

For years, New York was calling my name and it still is on some days, but Dallas has started to look pretty nice too.

amanda couch

I really love crafting and DIY projects. My family laughs at me because I’m so good with a drill and a hammer. There’s something about being able to create something that you thought you could only buy at store.

amanda jean

I’ve really started to enjoy modeling. It’s fun for me to get to get into character for a shoot.

amanda road

If I dress like a badass, I feel like one.

And you totally are, Amanda.
xoxo, Team Curtsy

Special thanks to the amazing Brooke Meitzler for the photography.

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