#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

Oscar for #BestCloset at UF goes to…


Ally Fiore. This girl is a Curtsy Ambassador with one bomb closet and we can’t wait to rent from it.

From formal dresses to jumpers for the Spring, you’re not gonna want to miss this closet, we promise.

This golden gown is perfect for your next formal. Sure to bring sunshine to any party, this color and this perfect silhouette are bound to wow the crowd.



Blush is the new black and this romper is the perfect transition in that sweet Spring time weather. We are loving this outfit.

Speaking of Spring, I’m a firm believer that white should be worn as soon and warm weather comes around and this romper definitely has something to do with that.

Abercrombie and Fitch is back and we are so here for it’s SoCal vibes.


Need the perfect date party outfit? This Tobi romper is it.

Ally’s style is timeless and this jumper is no exception. Paired with an off the shoulder top or a cute tank underneath, this jumper is the perfect transition piece into summer.

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#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

Oscar for #BestCloset at UT Austin goes to…


Kylie Mason! We love this #GirlBoss and her entire closet. You are bound to find something to wear in her closet of over 60 (yes, 60) items.

Kylie has made over $450 on Curtsy and has had almost 30 rentals. Talk about a #CurtsyQueen


This Zara jumper should be a staple in anyone’s closet.

We love how flowwy it is and how perfect it is for darties and summertime fun.




Is this red lace romper from Stylestalker perfect?





Linen jumpsuits are our passion and this one is perfect to take from Canada^ to the beach.




We’re pretty sure Kylie won best dressed at the tailgate for this adorable Planet Blue dress.



If you ever need something from Show Me Your Mumu, Kylie’s closet is the place to go. From rompers to dresses, she has all of our favorite SMYMM pieces including this one.

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#MyCurtsyStyle #OnFleek Of The Week

The Oscar for #BestCloset at Texas A&M goes to…

Elizabeth Meyer. This sweet soul has almost 20 items you can rent off Curtsy, and trust us you’re gonna want to.

As a member of Curtsy Elite, this #BossBabe knows what it takes to make money and look adorable while doing it! Just check out her amazing closet below:

This blue and navy romper has us so ready for warm weather and all the dinner parties.

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taking on victory dinner szn with my girlssss #fay

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What’s better than your best friend and a killer dress? Pretty much nothing.

We’re loving how this white and gold Show Me Your Mumu dress sparkles on the dance floor and lights up any room.


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congrats to this grad🌷

A post shared by Elizabeth Blair Meyer (@elizabethmeyer17) on

Are you ready for Summer and warm weather? We certainly are. This flowwy, fun off the should dress has us ready to pack our bags and head down to College Station to rent.


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when she's an ENFJ>>>

A post shared by Elizabeth Blair Meyer (@elizabethmeyer17) on

Did someone say football season? How many days are left until kickoff? This white off the shoulder dress is perfect to take from tailgate to date party and we plan on renting it for just that.


We found it! The perfect dress to rent for Easter, brunch or just some amazing Spring feels.

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Oscar for #BestCloset at Alabama Goes To…

Lexi Wardell, an OG Curtsy Biddie and seriously our Alabama girl crush.

As a student at Alabama, Lexi is no stranger to championships and that includes winning Best Closet. The best part? You can rent her looks off Curtsy.

Lexi’s one #BossBabe saving money and making money off Curtsy.


This sparkly cocktail dress has us all starry-eyed and

ready to rent it for our next cocktail.

This next dress has us wanting to go for the gold.

Rent this adorable gold cocktail dress for any occasion; from a date party to a darty, this dress is sure light up any room.

Spring is right around the corner and this white top is bound to look good with anything from skirts to jeans and everything in between.

We are hard core #fangirling over this look 😍

Lexi is a #GirlBoss with a killer closet and we are 100% here for it

Lexi and this adorable pink suede dress have us all heart eyes for all things pink and pastel. Bring on Spring and warm weather ASAP. 

Closet goals, amiright?!?!

Follow Lexi on Instagram, and rent her closet here. 



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College Lifestyle

71 Thoughts I had during The Bachelor Finale: Part 2

Alright everyone, I’m back.

After quite the ~dramatic~ episode last night, it’s safe to say that the entire country and beyond is mad at Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Poor Becca got her heart broken on national television and everyone’s mad, including me. So of course tonight, they’re going to show Arie crawling back to Lauren and then sit them all on the same couch together to talk. Let’s see how this goes.

  1. Ah yes a recap, so glad we get to see this painful event again
  2. Gahhhhh poor Becca the whole country’s heart aches for you girly
  3. Does Arie have any feelings??? ~confused~
  4. Becca gets her heart broken and they send her home on a plane in COACH???? Homegirl deserves first class after that
  5. Arie’s having a panic attack because he left one girl broken hearted to chase after another and is afraid she won’t take him back….
  6. Producer: “Do you love him”….. yikes
  8. Ohhh he already told her they broke up
  9. He was only with Becca for a month and a half?!?!?!?!?!!
  10. Is Arie wearing makeup?
  11. Please say no Lauren please say no
  12. He’s already 1000% over Becca wow

  14. I’m over this show
  15. Homegirl is wasting NO time asking for that ring
  16. Bekah is all of America right now
  17. PREACH TIA                                  
  18. This girls are making me feel even worse for Becca and I didn’t even know that was possible
  19. Are they hinting at Becca being the next Bachelorette?
  20. **Chris cuts them off** rude
  21. Let’s just recap this episode ONE more time
  22. Becca is just too nice for her own good ugh
  23. Girl is donating her wine money, truly an inspiration
  24. “Do you want to see him” no
  25. Wow I would not be okay
  26. Did Arie just blame Becca for working?
  27. Huh?
  28. I’m getting lost in this conversation, anyone else?
  29. Hahahahaha she said she’s ready to move on right in front of him
  30. She’s such a good person
  31. YIKES
  32. He’s blaming the Bachelor for proposing… ok
  33. I’ve eaten like 14 oreos
  34. If he says he put as much effort as he could he is l y i n g
  35. SHE FORGIVES HIM WOW                                   

  36. Molly and Jason are adorable
  37. Does anyone remember these magazine articles about Jason and Molly???
  38. “He is a nice person” lies
  39. This is the only thing that has 100% success rate on The Bachelor tbh
  40. Ahhh yes Arie’s back
  41. Bekah’s face when Lauren walked out is me
  42. They’re never going to be a “normal” couple
  43. HE SLID INTO HER DMS hahahahahahahaha
  44. Lauren’s talked more tonight than she did the entire season
  45. “What do you want to say to the haters” my favorite quote this season
  46. I still don’t get how Arie has gray hair
  47. “It was worth breaking everyone’s heart to end up where I am today” ok
  48. WOW he’s going to propose
  50. JK we all saw that coming lolol
  51. What was that curtsy thing??
  52. Love her she deserves this
  53. We’re gonna start this right now too??
  54. They did this on Rachel’s season
  55. Alright here we go, let’s see who they got for Becca
  56. HAHAHA loyalty and honesty taking shots at Arie
  57. Lincoln, so daper
  59. what.a.nooooooodle!!!!
  60. Chase, has a hard act to follow
  61. What’s happening with his hair?
  62. Omg a guitar
  64. HOW CUTE
  66. Ryan, I am obsessed

  67. Oh okay Darius looked at her like she was a snack, pass
  68. I wonder what Arie’s thinking watching all this?? Is he watching this??
  69. A HORSE??????
  70. Blake, what a CUTIE
  71. He’s getting her “Back on the horse” I am crying

Well, we’ll see you all back here when Becca’s ~most dramatic season ever~ airs on May 28th

College Lifestyle

117 Thoughts We had during the Bachelor Finale: Part 1

**WARNING** There are definitely spoilers.

Just to preface this article, I love The Bachelor Franchise. I religiously watch every season including the spin offs (Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games, etc…), so naturally, I was excited for this season to start. But I also really hate Arie. So I was torn from the start. Nevertheless, here we go.

  1. Wow love Chris Harrison. He has the best job in the world, amiright?
  2. I actually believe Chris this time when he says this will be “Most Dramatic Season Ever”.
  3. I don’t think I would want to get engaged in Peru TBH
  4. UGH ARIE you love both girls you are the W O R S T
  5. Becca, omg love her
  6. ~dramatically looks off to the rainbow~ same girl
  7. Does Lauren remind anyone else of Lauren B. from Ben’s season?
  8. Like neither of them have personalities? But Lauren B is so cute now that she’s off the bachelor maybe that’ll happen to Lauren
  9. Alright, Arie’s family. Let’s see how this goes
  10. Arie looks nothing like his dad wow
  11. His dad doesn’t even have gray hair?? How does he? I’m confused????
  12. Ah yes Lauren’s first let’s do this
  13. She’s too cute for him wow
  14. She looks freakily like his mom and sister??
  15. IS ARIE ADOPTED?? He doesn’t look like anyone in his family
  16. “I’m not cool” ugh Lauren you’re so innocent and precious
  17. “I’m so happy to be in Peru with the family of the guy i’m in love with” Arie’s mom: okay
  18. HA poor girl
  19. Off to get roasted by the dad, yikes
  20. Arie spends a lot of time reassuring a girl that he’s in love with her after dating 23 other girls I mean I would need it too??
  21. Oh no she’s crying 🙁
  22. Girly you should lose him, he sucks Lauren come on
  23. I think they liked her, idk??
  24. “She’s a cool girl” is she??? She doesn’t really have a personality??
  25. “Lauren was dull and sweet and kind” wow what did I hear that right??
  28. She said she fell for him during the group dates girl please
  29. Momma doesn’t look happy
  30. Momma also got her lips done
  31. She thinks Becca is less confident than Lauren? Really????
  32. Oh good now momma likes her
  33. Do we think Chris Harrison is this torn about the girls too?
  35. Why would he ASK if Becca gets along with Lauren??
  36. “Either way I’m fine with it” I would be PISSED
  37. “You’re a little more busy” WHAT
  38. It’s like you’re comparing an Apple to a Starfish HAHA
  39. I would be pissed if my boyfriend’s family kept bringing up the other woman too wowwowowowowowowow
  40. Chris Harrison. Best. Job. Ever. ugh
  41. They act like Lauren needing reassurance is bad?? See point 20
  42. Ahhh Caroline
  43. They’re on a train and they look so awkward???
  44. OMG IT’S DARK let’s kiss!!!!
  45. Ok Machu Piccu is pretty cool i’ll admit it
  46. She looks pretty cold though
  47. Look at all those ~crisp~ clouds
  48. Alright Arie it’s time to change that hairstyle, pls
  49. He looks like a 6th grader who just figured out what gel is
  50. “You’re so different” eck.
  51. “I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I met you” maybe just like 300k followers on Insta
  52. “I can see that life at home with you” Arie no you can see her raising your kids as a stay at home mom
  53. Remember when Bekah went missing hahahahahahaha
  54. Yes let’s ask an Alpaca if you’re meant to be that’s a good idea
  55. Why do they never eat the food on the show?
  56. I just hate the way he kisses
  57. The scrapbook was cute aww
  58. omg we get it you love two women
  59. Ugh Ben 😍😍
  60. **Lauren stares out the window with full hair and make up done like this shot wasn’t set up**
  61. Does anyone like Becca’s dress?
  62. Lauren’s dress I love
  63. Ahh yes Neil Lane
  64. Why does Arie love bright blue pants?
  66. Ugh WHY I feel so bad
  67. Oh man she’s pissed
  68. I would be too
  69. Arie has no remorse
  70. “Why did you do that” Ugh Lauren you’re breaking my heart
  71. I would not be holding his hand if I were her but
  72. She’s holding it together pretty well tbh
  73. **Goes back for round 2**
  74. Chris Harrison is starting to talk like an Italian with his hands
  75. Becca and Chris look like they’re going to a funeral
  76. They shouldn’t make the girls say something before they get proposed/not proposed to
  77. Alright he proposed to Becca let’s get to the drama
  78. HAHAHA they broke the rose that’s a sign
  79. “It’s been.. good”
  80. OH SH**
  81. Did Arie call ABC to get a camera crew back for this?
  82. Everyone booing Arie from the audience same
  83. “The most emotional scene, ever”
  84. Most awkward greeting ever
  85. Oh yeah girl you should be nervous
  86. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “like”*
  87. Wow poor Becca
  88. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  89. I would’ve smacked him omg
  90. When Becca said “Well Clearly” HA
  91. This is just painful to watch                                            
  92. *Unedited and Uncut* It probably should be edited and cut
  93. YAS girl walk away
  94. Becca is so real FINALLY
  95. Omg she wants you to leave JUST LEAVE
  96. Don’t go back in there WTF
  97. What is with this guy
  98. She’s obviously not okay????
  99. He’s camping on the couch homie just LEAVEEEEE
  100. Hahahahahaha Arie you are the worst
  102. GO.HOME.
  103. Poor girl didn’t even get the chance to put on waterproof mascara
  104. *Takes another shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  105. I’m mad he hasn’t left yet
  106. He’s just rubbing this in and being the worst WOWOWOW
  107. “This ain’t the Notebook b*tch, leave”– My dad
  108. “Please go” *doesn’t leave* “Please just go” *still doesn’t leave* OMG
  110. Wow finally
  111. Lmao they locked him out of the car
  112. Becca girly that’s a lot of blush
  113. I blacked out tonight too girl
  114. It’s passed 11pm and my bedtime but I can’t stop watching
  115. You’re out of time BUT you’ll see Arie tomorrow 🙂
  116. Becca got glammed up for 5 minutes of live TV
  117. I’d be pissed

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap because trust us, it’ll be good.


New Music Friday: It’s Time to Get your SB2k18 Groove On

It’s the first ever edition of New Music Friday: Spring Break Edition.

We know all you can think about is Spring Break and nothing says Spring Break like a bomb soundtrack for that 10 hour drive to Destin amiright?!

Lucky for you, I’ve pulled together some major Spring Break vibes for you to take from the car to the beach and back.

First off, Want You Back by 5 Seconds of Summer

This song jams. Everyone needs a little Boy Band action in their life and if you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.

Second, Mine by Bazzi

Of course you’ve already heard of this song. If you haven’t, you’re probably living under a rock. Regardless, this song is the perfect song to roll down the windows to and dolphin swim your hand out the window. Trust me, try it.

The third song is 8TEEN by Khalid

Everyone’s favorite 20 year old, Khalid, has made his way into the music world with some bomb feel good songs and this one is no exception. 8TEEN is the perfect song to make you feel like you’re in high school again breaking all your parents rules.

Have more suggestions for next week’s New Music Friday? Write me [email protected]

Need Spring Break outfit Inspo? Check out the Spring Break lists on your school’s feed here!



Woke Up As The Real Life Hannah Montana, An HQ Autobiography



Hannah Montana once said “Who would of thought that a girl like me would double as a superstaaaaarrrrrrrrr?” and while I may not be doubling as a superstar, I am definitely living two lives. One on the East Coast, and one on the West.

So here I am in Raleigh-Durham Airport with my usual Bruegger’s Asiago bagel with plain cream cheese and black coffee, waiting to fly once again to San Francisco; back to the Curtsy Headquarters where the other half of my life takes place.



I always thought I was an adventurous person; someone who could go anywhere on a whim and try any new place once. But after studying abroad in Italy, and later packing everything and moving to Atlanta after graduation, I realized one thing: I love my home. I love Raleigh. I love my family. I love my friends. I even love the North Carolina weather (call me crazy, because here it certainly is).

Queue: Working remotely for Curtsy HQ. This opportunity gives me the chance to love my home and also love California. It’s a complete challenge to my personality to be living 3,000 miles away from my office in San Francisco, California. Granted, working remote means working 3 hours ahead of the office and lots of video calls, but it also means traveling to an incredible city to work with awesome people each month.

There isn’t anything better than waking up, going downstairs to make breakfast and then walking three steps into the office each morning. In Raleigh, my ‘office’ is the desk in my room or a coffee shop downtown. In San Francisco, it’s at HQ with six other people (that I also live with while I’m there), two blocks from the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Each day at lunch, I go for a run either along the bridge over Falls Lake or along the bay in San Francisco. Either way, they’re pretty hard views to beat. And at the end of the workday, I get to try a trendy new restaurant in California or cook a delicious meal with my friends, boyfriend or family in Raleigh. Talk about the dream job.



Living 3,000 miles away from my office allows me to continue educating myself with more than just work every day. I am constantly learning new ways to better myself, how to become a better traveler, becoming comfortable in situations I usually am extremely uncomfortable in, and smaller things like time management. Working from home means that I can hang out with my dog during my work day, but it also means that I have to make sure I’m doing my job without the supervision I always thought I would have. It has allowed me to become an independent person, confident that the work I am doing is having an impact on an entire company.

But this is more than just a job. It’s a career working with a startup on top of working from home, which means that I am completely changing the way I live my life. We are working to create a community of girls that help one another, and that’s exactly how we choose to live here at Curtsy HQ. Every day we encourage each other, challenge each other, and inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves for this company, and I couldn’t be more grateful that they took a chance for me to be a part of this journey, even from 3,000 miles away.

So thank you Curtsy, for giving me two families and two homes. You’ve been nothing short of spectacular, and it’s only the beginning.


Campus Team Blogs

This ECU Duo is Slowly Taking this #1 Party School to the #1 Curtsy School

Marketing Manager, Courtney Price (left) and Social Media Lead, Keeley Egan (right)

Welcome to East Carolina University in the heart of North Carolina, where they’re known for their night life and these #BossBabes are helping dress girls one outfit at a time.

Courtney Price and Keeley Egan have quickly made ECU one of the biggest schools for Curtsy and it’s not surprising as to why. These trendy girls have a work ethic like no other, and will stop at nothing to spread the word about Curtsy on their campus. This duo has been killin’ it for Curtsy since Fall 2017 and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.


My name is Keeley Egan and I am from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! I am a Junior studying Fashion Merchandising here at East Carolina University! I have a 20+ LB cat, her name is Lucy and she is my absolute bestie!!!

I’m Courtney Price, a junior at East Carolina University! Even though I’m the Marketing Manager for Curtsy, I love fashion (and spend way more money than I really have) and bring it together with a Construction Management major with a minor in Interior Design! To me, interior design and construction are still fun and it’s like putting an outfit on a house!

Curtsy:  What’s one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?

K: I cannot live without my black booties!
C: Black ripped skinny jeans. Got to have them.

Curtsy: What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

K: Denim. Denim. Denim. If I could wear a sick pair of jeans or a denim skirt everyday for the rest of my life, i would.
C: I am all about stars! I want it on my earrings, my shoes, my pants, everywhere!

Black booties, denim and stars; oh my! These ladies not only keep their style simple, but always trendy. It’s no wonder they’ve found such success as owners on Curtsy and helped others do the same. With their outgoing personalities and their ambition to help girls make money and save money, Courtney and Keeley are on a roller coaster that’s only going up.

PS. Like their style?! Download Curtsy and Rent them today!

#GirlBoss Guide

A #BACK2SKOOL Money Makin’ Story

This semester we’re letting our shopping addiction foot the bill. That’s right ladies, it’s time to raise our glasses for all the girls who are letting their closets pay for their Saturday night drinks, late night pizzas, and Instagram worthy outfits with Curtsy.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

First, literally, grab every b*tchin’ outfit in your closet while you’re home.

Second,  because everything you own is b*tchin’ you’ll need to call in some backup to load the car because no money makin’ goods are getting left behind.

Once the goods are secure, say goodbye to your hometown homies and cruise #BACK2SKOOL.

Ok, so you’ve made it back, HELL YEAH, it’s time to unpack your money makin’ looks,Once you’ve got your looks photographed, be ballin’ and upload them on Curtsy,

Seriously, time is money! Now that your closet is uploaded, it’s time for your first rental to slide on into your DMs.As the rentals keep coming in, kick back and watch your dresses buy you drinks,

So we know what you’re thinking…

And to that we say: bring it in, we need a group hug.

No worries, this money makin’ story always makes us a little emotional too. 

Curtsy is the #1 best way to make money in college. We had girls make $450 last semester — and you can too, just by uploading your closet. We cover all of your items up to $1000 in case of accidents, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

TTYL ladies, we’ve got some closet browsing ahead of us.