117 Thoughts We had during the Bachelor Finale: Part 1

**WARNING** There are definitely spoilers.

Just to preface this article, I love The Bachelor Franchise. I religiously watch every season including the spin offs (Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games, etc…), so naturally, I was excited for this season to start. But I also really hate Arie. So I was torn from the start. Nevertheless, here we go.

  1. Wow love Chris Harrison. He has the best job in the world, amiright?
  2. I actually believe Chris this time when he says this will be “Most Dramatic Season Ever”.
  3. I don’t think I would want to get engaged in Peru TBH
  4. UGH ARIE you love both girls you are the W O R S T
  5. Becca, omg love her
  6. ~dramatically looks off to the rainbow~ same girl
  7. Does Lauren remind anyone else of Lauren B. from Ben’s season?
  8. Like neither of them have personalities? But Lauren B is so cute now that she’s off the bachelor maybe that’ll happen to Lauren
  9. Alright, Arie’s family. Let’s see how this goes
  10. Arie looks nothing like his dad wow
  11. His dad doesn’t even have gray hair?? How does he? I’m confused????
  12. Ah yes Lauren’s first let’s do this
  13. She’s too cute for him wow
  14. She looks freakily like his mom and sister??
  15. IS ARIE ADOPTED?? He doesn’t look like anyone in his family
  16. “I’m not cool” ugh Lauren you’re so innocent and precious
  17. “I’m so happy to be in Peru with the family of the guy i’m in love with” Arie’s mom: okay
  18. HA poor girl
  19. Off to get roasted by the dad, yikes
  20. Arie spends a lot of time reassuring a girl that he’s in love with her after dating 23 other girls I mean I would need it too??
  21. Oh no she’s crying 🙁
  22. Girly you should lose him, he sucks Lauren come on
  23. I think they liked her, idk??
  24. “She’s a cool girl” is she??? She doesn’t really have a personality??
  25. “Lauren was dull and sweet and kind” wow what did I hear that right??
  28. She said she fell for him during the group dates girl please
  29. Momma doesn’t look happy
  30. Momma also got her lips done
  31. She thinks Becca is less confident than Lauren? Really????
  32. Oh good now momma likes her
  33. Do we think Chris Harrison is this torn about the girls too?
  35. Why would he ASK if Becca gets along with Lauren??
  36. “Either way I’m fine with it” I would be PISSED
  37. “You’re a little more busy” WHAT
  38. It’s like you’re comparing an Apple to a Starfish HAHA
  39. I would be pissed if my boyfriend’s family kept bringing up the other woman too wowwowowowowowowow
  40. Chris Harrison. Best. Job. Ever. ugh
  41. They act like Lauren needing reassurance is bad?? See point 20
  42. Ahhh Caroline
  43. They’re on a train and they look so awkward???
  44. OMG IT’S DARK let’s kiss!!!!
  45. Ok Machu Piccu is pretty cool i’ll admit it
  46. She looks pretty cold though
  47. Look at all those ~crisp~ clouds
  48. Alright Arie it’s time to change that hairstyle, pls
  49. He looks like a 6th grader who just figured out what gel is
  50. “You’re so different” eck.
  51. “I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I met you” maybe just like 300k followers on Insta
  52. “I can see that life at home with you” Arie no you can see her raising your kids as a stay at home mom
  53. Remember when Bekah went missing hahahahahahaha
  54. Yes let’s ask an Alpaca if you’re meant to be that’s a good idea
  55. Why do they never eat the food on the show?
  56. I just hate the way he kisses
  57. The scrapbook was cute aww
  58. omg we get it you love two women
  59. Ugh Ben 😍😍
  60. **Lauren stares out the window with full hair and make up done like this shot wasn’t set up**
  61. Does anyone like Becca’s dress?
  62. Lauren’s dress I love
  63. Ahh yes Neil Lane
  64. Why does Arie love bright blue pants?
  66. Ugh WHY I feel so bad
  67. Oh man she’s pissed
  68. I would be too
  69. Arie has no remorse
  70. “Why did you do that” Ugh Lauren you’re breaking my heart
  71. I would not be holding his hand if I were her but
  72. She’s holding it together pretty well tbh
  73. **Goes back for round 2**
  74. Chris Harrison is starting to talk like an Italian with his hands
  75. Becca and Chris look like they’re going to a funeral
  76. They shouldn’t make the girls say something before they get proposed/not proposed to
  77. Alright he proposed to Becca let’s get to the drama
  78. HAHAHA they broke the rose that’s a sign
  79. “It’s been.. good”
  80. OH SH**
  81. Did Arie call ABC to get a camera crew back for this?
  82. Everyone booing Arie from the audience same
  83. “The most emotional scene, ever”
  84. Most awkward greeting ever
  85. Oh yeah girl you should be nervous
  86. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “like”*
  87. Wow poor Becca
  88. *Takes a shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  89. I would’ve smacked him omg
  90. When Becca said “Well Clearly” HA
  91. This is just painful to watch                                            
  92. *Unedited and Uncut* It probably should be edited and cut
  93. YAS girl walk away
  94. Becca is so real FINALLY
  95. Omg she wants you to leave JUST LEAVE
  96. Don’t go back in there WTF
  97. What is with this guy
  98. She’s obviously not okay????
  99. He’s camping on the couch homie just LEAVEEEEE
  100. Hahahahahaha Arie you are the worst
  102. GO.HOME.
  103. Poor girl didn’t even get the chance to put on waterproof mascara
  104. *Takes another shot every time Arie says “I’m so sorry”*
  105. I’m mad he hasn’t left yet
  106. He’s just rubbing this in and being the worst WOWOWOW
  107. “This ain’t the Notebook b*tch, leave”– My dad
  108. “Please go” *doesn’t leave* “Please just go” *still doesn’t leave* OMG
  110. Wow finally
  111. Lmao they locked him out of the car
  112. Becca girly that’s a lot of blush
  113. I blacked out tonight too girl
  114. It’s passed 11pm and my bedtime but I can’t stop watching
  115. You’re out of time BUT you’ll see Arie tomorrow 🙂
  116. Becca got glammed up for 5 minutes of live TV
  117. I’d be pissed

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap because trust us, it’ll be good.