Oklahoma should be known for Isabelle Preston and Sydney Mills, not that quarterback

How Oklahoma is known for football’s Baker Mayfield and not for this Curtsy team is unknown to us. Sydney Mills and Isabelle Preston will have us in tears when they graduate. These Oklahoma girls are a dream come true to Curtsy HQ!!

Sydney hosts baller trunk shows as our marketing lead, while Isabelle keeps Oklahoma ladies in style with her #trending Oklahoma Curtsy insta.

Curtsy: What’s your favorite part of being on the Curtsy team?

I: I love all of the girl empowerment and seeing how creative everyone is!

S: I really feel like a part of the team, despite everyone being spread across the entire US!!

When asked to tell about herself, Isabelle shared her love for dogs. Specifically Dalmatians and German Shepherds (girl, same). Oh, and it does not come to a surprise her life goal is to have her own wedding planning company!! Plan our weddings, Isabelle!

Curtsy: What are three fun facts about you?

I: I went to an all-girls high school, I hate brownies, and I could eat my body weight in queso.

S: My mom had me when she was 46, I’m allergic to Christmas trees, and I would probably trade my firstborn to marry Kevin Love.

Sydney is smitten with Kevin Love. Her ideal date is for Kevin Love to take her to Target. But no rush, Kevin. Sydney is not expecting a ring by spring, “unless we’re talkin’ spring 2050.”

Curtsy: Where can you typically be found on a Friday night?

I: In bed….

S: I’m either way overdressed taking $2 shots at 747 or watching Scandal in my velvet sweats. No in-between.

Curtsy: What are some of your favorite things about college?

I: I love getting ready with all my roommates. We have all our doors open, put a speaker in the hallway and blare music while running in and out of each others rooms *trying* to get ready. Whenever our boyfriends come in they swear we must all be deaf. Sounds SUPER cheesy but I love it.

S: Football! Tailgates! Darties! Also, I’m a basic b#[email protected]! and LOVE our school colors. Crimson & cream look good on anyone.

Isabelle is crushin’ on Zac Efron, and girl, so are we after watching his circus performance in The Greatest Showman. Her top five things she looks for a in a guy are sense of humor, tall, smart, good with kids and a goofball! Zac Efron checks almost all of these boxes (he’s only 5’8″, but then again Isabelle is 5″).

Meanwhile, Sydney wants to be Kim Kardashian’s dog. Oh, and if she could be a drink she would be tequila & rootbeer. She made it when she was out of mixers one night, “but it’s amazing, like me.”

Curtsy: What is your philosophy?

I: Don’t care what other people think, they’re probably jealous and lame.

S: No one ever has their sh!t together so it’s silly to act like you do, plus it’s more fun.

PS. Like Isabelle & Sydney’s style? Download Curtsy and Rent them.

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