Nashville Country Singer Olivia Lane Tells Us Her Fall Fashion Favorites


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Meet Olivia Lane.

Olivia Lane is a Nashville-based country singer and songwriter who is known for her pure energy as she performs on stage. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and participated in community theater and choir at an early age. When she was 16, Olivia relocated to Los Angeles to be in the entertainment capitol. While here, she pursued songwriting and theater. She furthered her education in these fields at the University of Southern California. Throughout college, Olivia had several internships in Nashville, Tennessee. And then right after college because of her love for country music, she packed up her car and drove from California to Tennessee to make her move real.

Team Curtsy asked Olivia about her fall fashion, and here’s what she told us.

olivia-laneQ: What’s your go-to look for dressing up?

I’m all about being comfortable but still being fashionable so my go to for dressing up would be a great jumpsuit with heels or a black skinny jean with some awesome heels or booties.


Q: What’s your go-to look for dressing down?

My go-to look is jeans and a cool t-shirt with some rocking jewelry paired with a fun bootie or kicks.


Q: What’s your favorite trend for Fall?



Q: Who’s your biggest style icon?

Mine’s a melting pot of influences but right now it’s a spectrum that includes Pat Benatar and Katharine Hepburn.


Q: What do you love to wear when performing?

I have these high-waisted leather shorts that look like a skirt that I adore paired with my Frye lace up knee boots and a fun shirt. I also love rocking jeans and t-shirts, depending on the show.


Here are a few of Olivia’s favorite trends and similar looks on Curtsy.

1. Jumpsuits are a must.


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2. Casual dresses are perfect for taking a stroll around the city.

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3. Rompers are perfect staples pieces for performances and just fun nights with your friends.


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4. Burgundy is a fab fall transition color for any type of appearance. 


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5. And lastly, denim—must we say more?
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Team Curtsy

To learn more about Olivia, visit or check out her self-titled EP on Spotify or iTunes.