Madi McIntyre Makes A Fashion Statement Wherever She Goes


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Meet Madi.

Chances are you’ll find Madi McIntyre at SoulCycle decked out in Stella McCartney adidas workout gear any given day of the week. She told us it basically keeps her sane while studying for her finance tests at SMU. On weekends though? This chick relaxes and brunches on the reg. She doesn’t have an all-time favorite, but The Rustic, HG Supply Co. and Henry’s Majestic are at the top of her list. It’s safe to say Madi loves Dallas, and Dallas loves her.


Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned about fashion since living in Dallas?

The sequins and big Texas hair is a myth! Everyone dresses so trendy in Dallas.  Especially whenever I go to Highland Park Village and shops in Snider Plaza, I see all aspects of fashion. It’s very diverse, but the majority of everyone dresses so nicely.


My style is all over the place.  I dress pretty conservative, but with an edgy flare.  I know, complete opposites, but as you can see in these photos, it’s so true.


When I’m not wearing something from Vince, Splendid, Madewell, or Zara (my favorites), I’m probably in athleisure. I seriously live in it during the week.


I have a pair of running shoes that I wear almost every day.  They’re so comfortable, but also super stylish.  Definitely a wardrobe essential in my book. My other essentials are my yoga pants, my black crop top from Zara that I wear all the time going out, and my Vince black heels that go with every outfit.


I basically had no sense of fashion until I was probably in my sophomore year of high school.  When I started following fashion trends, reading magazines, and spending hours online, my fashion was a wildcard.


It took a while to really learn what I like, but I’m so happy with my undefined conservative/edgy look.  I also learned how to dress for my body shape.  I typically stay away from tight-fitted tops and usually do something flawy on top and tight on the bottom.


I typically get fashion inspiration from my mom and friends around me.  The girls at SMU have amazing style, and it’s so fun to feed off of each other’s trends and ideas here.


My fashion weakness is sticking to neutrals. My closet is mostly black, white, and gray.  Recently I’ve been branching out to colors and patterns and getting out of my comfort zone.


My last minute going out outfit is typically faux leather leggings, a white or black crop top, and edgy black heels. From there, I’ll throw in something with a bright color like a bright red purse or stand out necklace.


Anywhere I go, I enjoy making a statement with whatever I choose to wear.


xoxo, Team Curtsy

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