#GOALS — Maddie Carnow Is Always Dressed To The Nines


Maddie Carnow was born and raised in San Diego, California. She’s from Encinitas, which is a small little beach town right along the coast. When she’s home, she loves going to the beach and shopping with her mom because they always find the best things together.  Maddie goes to the University of Southern California and gave us the inside scoop on how to live and dress like a local in Los Angeles. Here you go.


Curtsy: How does your perfect day in LA look?

Maddie: My perfect day would be to start my morning off going on a run or hot yoga. I’m always in a better mindset after I workout. Then go to a big brunch with all of my girlfriends somewhere on the West Side. Laying out on the beach all day, as cliché as that sounds, is my perfect day. I really don’t have a care in the world when I’m at the beach. And if it were up to me, we would stay until sunset — that’s the best part of the entire day.

fullsizerender-46C: Describe your personal style. 

MC: My personal style is curated— a bit of classic and vintage rock. I like to mix vintage pieces with trends I am currently into. I don’t really dress girly but I do have some feminine pieces that are fun to play with.


My best advice is to take risks with your style. The best part about clothing is that it’s temporary. If you never try, you’ll never know.

slice-10C: How has your style changed over the years?
MC: Over the years, I’ve become a lot pickier with what I wear. I used to want to wear what is most popular at the time, but then I felt jaded when everyone else was wearing the same thing. I’ve tailored my style to incorporate timeless pieces with trendy accents.
C: Where do you go to for fashion inspiration?
MC: It’s easy to find cute outfits in magazines or on social media like Instagram. The majority of my inspiration comes from being aware of my surroundings and seeing how others dress themselves. Especially when I was living in Europe, streetwear was my inspiration without a doubt. If I like what I see, I’ll try to find it on my own.
People always ask me why I get dressed in a full outfit every day, even if it’s just for class. Fully dressing up every day regardless of what you’re doing is a surefire way to feel better about yourself. If you look good, then you feel good. It’s simple.
slice-4C: What’s one thing people don’t really know about you?
MC: I love puzzles and brain games. Sudoku, crosswords, word searches… I love them all! My grandma used to do the New York Times crossword in pen and I’ve always thought that was so cool. One day I want to be that good.

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