#Perfection— Lexi Leitman’s Smile Is Worth A Million Bucks


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I am constantly smiling. One time someone came up to me and asked me why I smile so much—I’m just a very happy girl with tons of energy.


I was born and raised in Neptune Beach, Florida and am a sophomore elementary education major at the University of Florida.


I absolutely love going to the beach and traveling. I bought a map my freshman year of high school and put pins of where I want to go and where I have been—I am hoping to keep this map forever.


My personal style changes day to day. Generally I’m in jean shorts with a plain t-shirt, a gold watch, and heeled sandals.


I’m really into simplistic pieces. Black is for sure my go-to color—you can never go wrong when wearing black. However, every now and then I enjoy a pop of color.


My style has changed over the years. As a child, I played around with bright colors and bold jewelry. However, the older I’ve gotten, t the more I’m drawn to simple and timeless items.


My go-to girl for fashion inspiration is Kendall Jenner—she makes a white tee and black choker look fab! I also love how she pairs a red lip with her simple look. I wear this look all the time.


I believe the most important thing about fashion is feeling confident in what you are wearing. I have always believed a girls best accessory is her smile.


Follow along on Lexi’s adventures at @lexileitman.

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