Kanye West’s Yeezy Boosts Have Nothing On Byers Whitman’s Shoo Lab Sneakers


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Meet Byers.

She will literally knock your socks off— Byers has the most insane and original business I’ve heard of. She paints Vans! That’s right…canvas tennis shoes. She and her sister originally made these shoes for themselves, but after others were interested in purchasing a pair, Shoo Lab opened their doors.


My sister and I made the shoes for fun for ourselves initially. We wore them to school, and then our friends asked us to make some for them!


Generally, when someone orders a pair of shoes, they tell us the design, color, and size they are. From there, we order the shoes and have them shipped to us; however, if someone already has a pair of shoes that they want painted, we can do those as well.


We free-hand sketch the designs with a chalk pencil, paint the shoes with acrylic paint, and spray them with a waterproof finish. Once the shoes are complete, we hand-deliver or ship them to the customer.


We use a lot of emojis on our shoes, but lately college designs have been super popular.


My favorite pairs to paint are the designs that our customers come up with themselves and haven’t been painted before.  It’s so awesome to see the personalized designs come to life.


My style is pretty casual and I wear a lot of basics, so the Shoo Lab sneakers I wear spice it up a bit. I love to wear sneakers and rarely wear sandals or flip flops. If I am not wearing Shoo Lab shoes, I am probably wearing Golden Goose sneakers.


Q: If you could switch closets with any friend or celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would switch closets with Gigi Hadid— her sneaker game is strong 😉

xoxo, Team Curtsy

Follow along on Byer’s adventures at @byerswhitman and Shoo Lab’s at @shoo_lab.

?: Caitlin Scurria (@kittycaitmeow)


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