Gracie McClure Came To Ole Miss And Realized She Was Actually A Little Hippie All Along


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Meet Gracie McClure.


I’m pretty much an open book. I’m very candid in my relationships with my friends and am outgoing with everyone I meet.


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I’m very passionate about my future career. Digital marketing is such a growing field, and I am really invested in developing my skills in that department.


I love graphic design and videography, which both seem kind of nerdy. On first glance I’m sure that would not be the first thing people notice about me, but once I start talking about website coding the nerd in me comes right out!


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I make videos of everything. Some of my most recent ones are of me and my friends on Bid Day and a video of my summer travels visiting Spain, London, France, Budapest, Prague and Amsterdam.


I used to be pretty preppy. My mom has a very J. Crew style, so I grew up dressing like her. But then I went to college and realized I was actually a little hippie.


My style is very 70s inspired. All of my clothes seem to have a 70s theme in common—I love that era.


Q: What are your three wardrobe essentials?

My B-Low The Belt double buckle belt—I put it with everything. My Sam Edleman boots that I wear with absolutely every outfit. And lastly, my Kelly Wynne Bag.


One of my favorite designers is Balmain—he’s amazing. I also love the prints and the different materials used in Oliver Rousteing. My other favorites are Chloe and Alice + Olivia—they’re so dreamy!


My fashion weakness is anything Wildfox. Even though they mainly just make sweaters, I’m always in love with their stuff. Their clothes are so soft and comfy.


When I need fashion inspiration,  I go to Revolve because they put out new look books every few days. I also love following bloggers, such as Cara Loren and Sincerely Jewels.


Finish My Sentence.

This morning I woke up, and…

was late for Econ.

In moments of weakness I…

take a bubble bath and pour a glass a wine.  I have to take a bath at least twice a week, or I will be crazy stressed.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is…

always be kinder than necessary.



Team Curtsy

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