Curtsy’s #OnFleek Of The Week At SMU: Grace Valentine


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PS. Curtsy is live at SMU. Curtsy lets you rent dresses from other girls at your school. Browse, rent and post dresses of your own to make extra CA$H. 

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Curtsy: Tell us about yourself.

Grace: I’m a sophomore at Southern Methodist University. I’m double majoring in journalism and fashion media and minoring in advertising. I’m a member of Pi Beta Phi as well. I want to work in fashion journalism when I graduate and love Instagram and Tumblr.

Curtsy: Describe your dream date. 

Grace: My dream date would be skydiving over the coast of an ocean somewhere and getting fresh sushi afterward. Obviously very low key lol.

Curtsy: What qualities make a guy husband material?

Grace: The best qualities a man can have for future husband material are probably being sincerely kind, ambitious, thoughtful and smart. Being easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

Curtsy: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Grace: Calvin Harris… good music, an accent and that body… wow.

Curtsy: Where can you typically be found on a Friday night?

Grace: On a Friday night you can find me at Whataburger after 11 pm eating a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. #HBCB

Curtsy: What’s your favorite restaurant in Dallas? 

Grace: My favorite restaurant in Dallas is probably True Food. Their brunch menu is bomb, and their edamame dumplings are so good.

Curtsy: What else do you want people to know about you?

Grace:  Although my style is mostly grunge consisting of all black, leather and boyish silhouettes, I’m actually a goofball and love to make people laugh.

Also, my Instagram is @gracevalentine.

Curtsy: How do you feel about being Curtsy’s #OnFleek of the Week?

Grace: I’m so excited to be on Curtsy’s #OnFleek of the week!! Shoutout to Curtsy for being so dope and giving me this opportunity! 

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Curtsy is the app that lets you rent dresses from each other on college campuses, and it’s live at SMU.

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