10 Photos That Will Make You Book A Flight To Barcelona ✈️


Warning!- Reading this will induce some serious wanderlust. Yin Agbontaen gives us a peek of her Spanish summer adventures.

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Meet Yin.

A Curtsy campus director from Sewanee: The University of the South, Yin Agbontaen has spent the last few months summer months studying in Spain. Tough life right? Luckily, she is sharing some of her favorite moments with us.  See why Barcelona should be your next adventure.

1. The Fun

Swim in the Mediterranean Sea during the day and go to Icebarelona at night. This town has it all. It’s actually #TeamCurtsy’s favorite Eurotrip stop.

Yin Blog POst 2

2. The Water

If you’re into sailing and stuff. Meet someone with a boat or take the touristy cruise, but either way, get on a boat.


3. The Nature

The city life is the life for us, but there are so many amazing nature spots just a bus ride away. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals.

Yin Blog POst 3

4. The Futbol

We know Barcelona will never be able to replace Messi, but hey, we are still sporting the jerseys. Plan your trip early and go catch a game.


5. The Candy

If you’ve got a sweet tooth (which we do) this is your town. Get as much dessert as you want. Don’t be scared, channel your inner Anthony Bourdain by buying from some street vendors.

market 2

6. The Fish Burgers

Go try that Mediterranean seafood. We’ve got just the place for you- Makamaka Burgers right on Barceloneta Beach.

Yin Blog POst 47. The Fruit

The fruit and markets in Barcelona are unreal. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. Be sure to go to La Boqueria Market to stock up before you hit the beach.

market 3

8. The Architecture

Barcelona is the capital of Modernism. We recommend seeing the famous landmarks designed by Gaudi: Sagrada Familia, La Pedrea, Casa Batllo, and Park Guell.

Yin Blog Post 19. Park Guell

We guarantee you’ve never seen a park like this. Get lost in the beautiful mosaics of Park Guell- just be sure to get a ticket in advance.

10. Casa de Gaudi

This treasure is in the middle of Barcelona’s busy streets. It’s even more impressive in person.


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”


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xoxo, Team Curtsy

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