Beat the Heat While Still Remaining FLAWLESS

Guide to Rush Cropped

Be prepared. The South is H-O-T.  Running from one sorority house to the next is draining, which calls for extra grooming.  No worries, here are a few secrets.

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Some items are essential for running all over campus and remaining #FLAWLESS.

From personal experience, I can honestly say that running to the other side of campus (while wearing heels) to ensure you’re at the correct sorority house on time is hectic.  I wish I would’ve known a few secrets when I went through rush to make my week a little less chaotic .

Listed below are a few items to keep in your purse to guarantee you look #fresh and #full.  No one wants to talk to over fifty girls while “hangry!”  (Feel free to pin it for later.)
Rush Essentials

xoxo, Team Curtsy

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