Spring Break Essentials: The Curtsy Way

You bring the party, we’ll do the rest

FINALLY. Spring break is here. January lasted about three years too long. February felt like a week, and now spring break is here. If you’re like the majority of college girls, you’re taking every last-minute babysitting job you can to make some quick cash and trying to figure out whether Ulta or Sephora has better self-tanner. Mousse or lotion, right? Wipes or spray? Too many options.

Better news: Curtsy has you covered. From spring break wardrobe essentials to all the best sunscreen and beach towels, all you have to do is bring the party and Curtsy will provide the rest. Read along to see top items on the app you can rent for spring break with our special 10-day rental feature. Curtsy HQ’s favorite products are linked too, so you can find them easy before you hop on a plane to LAX.

50 lb. limit, yikes

Who decided 50 pounds is the limit?? If you’re anything like me, you pack everything you own “just in case.” Hopefully this guide can help you narrow down your entire wardrobe so that you don’t travel to another country and bring your entire closet along. It’s time to pull out the white pants and light colored pieces to show off that #sb2018 tan. This tie-dye two-piece dress is perfect for dinner & drinks after a long day on the beach. Perfect colors for showing off tan and maybe a little bit of sunburn?? (wear sunscreen!! keep reading for top picks)

Girls just wanna have sun

Sunscreen, ladies! It’s so important. I heard one time that you get tanner from wearing sunscreen than from going in the sun without it. That was probably a trick from my mom, but hey, it stuck with me. But really, even if you only put on SPF 15 that is better than going without. Sun Bum and Hawaiian Tropic are my two favorites. Both smell super beachy and Hawaiian Tropic even makes a kind with sparkles. Sun Bum has SPF 30 lip balm too that comes in a variety of flavors: coconut, banana, watermelon and more. Both brands are relatively cheap, but it’s also your skin we’re talking about so it’s also totally normal to splurge. Moral of the story: wear sunscreen!

Aloe. Don’t be the girl to forget aloe. In the event you forget to reapply or if you doze off in the sun, make sure to pack aloe in your beach bag. I don’t know if aloe is proven to help sunburns, but it sure does feel good. And while you’re at it. Pack after-sun lotion too. It keeps your skin from feeling tight after being in the sun and provides good moisture after a long day on the beach.

And to answer that previous question about self tanner– St. Tropez lotion. Immediate results, no streaks and it smells good! Ulta is the place to purchase.

Half of my spring break clothes are white

Don’t worry, this is totally normal. No matter how freckled, tanned or burnt you get on spring break, wearing white will highlight those tan lines. This Free People sweater would look perfect with white jeans or light wash jean shorts. Always pack a light sweater to throw on over a tank top or dress for nighttime. The wind at the beach can get chilly… and sunburn can make you cold too.

White nail polish is a popular pick for spring break too. Light-colored nails help you look more tan, and they also just look really good on everyone.

Add some gold jewelry to your white-themed outfit, and you will look flawless for sure.

Effortless perfection is the goal

This has never been me and will never be me. Pictures on the beach usually go like this for me: my skin is splotchy either from sunburn or ocean water/sand/sunscreen mix, and my hair is absolutely everywhere. Normal, tame hair? Nope. I don’t know how girls manage that. No uneven sunburn or weird tan lines? Not me either. I can’t control the wind wherever you’re going but at least your outfits can be #onfleek.

These spring break essentials will get you a few steps closer.  Tkees has the perfect flip-flops for walking to and from the beach. They come in almost every color, and they make them in “foundation” tones too so they can match your skin. For when you want to lay down on your stomach to tan or for cute pics in the sand, Las Bayadas has the best towels. They make towels using fun, bright colors and you can get  tassels on your towel too.

Dressy looks better with a tan

Maxi’s and two-pieces are perfect for fancy dinner and going out while you’re on spring break! Take advantage of all of the maxi’s on the app, and use the 10-day spring break rental feature to take Curtsy with you this spring break! This Dolce Vita two-piece is a perfect addition to your spring break wardrobe. Look at how cheap that member price is too!

No matter where you’re going for spring break, take Curtsy with you. The 10-day rental period won’t be here forever, so take advantage of it while you can!

Tag @curtsy in your spring break pics so we can see where our Curtsy girls are off to this year. Bon voyage!

P.S. Don’t have Curtsy?! Download the App Now.



Rent, Rock, Repeat: Frankie Edition

My week as a Curtsy renter

One week renting off Curtsy? Challenge accepted, Curtsy HQ.  In case you didn’t know, it is totally possible to rent your entire wardrobe off Curtsy now. The app now offers tops and bottoms in addition to just cocktail dresses. So you’ll find new categories on the app for tops, bottoms and even two-pieces!

Disclaimer: I am no stranger to Curtsy. I’ve had more than 60 requests from my closet and 39 rentals in the past 4 semesters. I’ve made over $800 off my own clothes! Better yet, I’ve turned that money around and rented over 10 times from other girls on the app. I’m going to use all of this experience to show you how to rent like a #girlboss.

Spoiler alert: this renting escapade cost me only $80 for FOUR bomb outfits. Without Curtsy, these FOUR items would have cost me $383. That’s right, I saved $300 using Curtsy. My lifetime Curtsy savings are legit $2,005.00. Yeah, I gasped too.

Here is what my agenda looked like for this week of renting. The week featured a lot of messaging on the app, meeting up with girls at NC State, trying on clothes and my favorite part– wearing AWESOME clothes. Follow along to see how each step in the renting process works!

Sunday: search the app for potential rents

Monday: message owners about renting

Tuesday: try on Urban skirt, Zara jacket, Lauren Moshi Dress & Express two-piece

Wednesday: wear Urban skirt to V-Day din with bf

Thursday: strut stuff in two-piece at ADPi Cocktail

Friday: Look cute and casual in distressed sweater

Saturday: B-day party time rockin’ leather jacket with lace tank under

Scope out the scene

So, the app’s feed kinda looks like Pinterest. You can scroll for days. Better yet, you can “heart” anything and everything while you scroll. I try to go on the app at least once a week to heart new items so that I can keep my “loves” up to date.

This week’s agenda calls for some going out clothes and an outfit for my Valentine’s Day cocktail. With the addition of non-dresses to the app, you can rent for more than just cocktails once or twice a month. Why keep re-wearing the same tank top with the same skort every weekend when you could spice it up with Curtsy??

I found this 3/4 length sleeve leather jacket to pair with something out of my own closet and this loungey Lauren Moshi dress. I also found this adorable black and white striped skirt from Urban, and I REALLY hope it fits. When I shop, I’m way more likely to buy tops than bottoms so the many, many skirts on Curtsy keep me #blessed. Last but not least, found a red two-piece from Express for my sorority cocktail.


The world is my dressing room

Curtsy is like a hyper-local Revolve store, really. It’s like their website brought to your campus. I went ahead and messaged the owners of the skirt/jacket/t-shirt dress and asked if I could come by today or tomorrow to try them on. Two girls said they’d be home tonight for me to try on, and I’m snagging the jacket from Hope while’s she at the library studying for her test. It’s like Curtsy to-go???!

The good thing about trying on is you don’t have a time frame where you’re in crunch time trying not to get charged. I didn’t start the try-on period until I was at the house trying on the skirt. If it works, you pay. If not, you don’t.

Trying on clothes is sometimes a swing and a miss. Curtsy understands those strike-outs and only charges you when you find that home run piece.


To commit, or not to commit

This skirt fit like a glove. I mean really… I don’t think my own skirts fit me this well. Shout out to you, Kelsey!! Since it fit, I went on the app and paid her right there, it was really easy.

After I left there, I went to try on the t-shirt dress. I couldn’t help but laugh at how I looked in it. It is SO CUTE in pictures, but I really looked like I was omw to a sleepover in it. Maybe next time 🙁 Bella is such a good friend, she’s in the pic with me. She took some shots of me trying on clothes and agreed that this was not a good look for me this weekend, or ever.

I didn’t have to pay for the dress since it didn’t fit. The app doesn’t automatically charge you anymore! Lucky me, Rachel has literally ALL of her closet on Curtsy so I went through and found something else of hers to rent– super cute sweater as seen up top.

Strike a pose, woman

I totally get made fun of for tagging Curtsy in all of my pictures, but I’m really hoping I get re-posted some day… persistence is key, ya know? And when people ask you where you got your outfit, always tell them Curtsy!! Nothing like making someone feel silly for paying full price for a dress that’s on the app for $20.

Even more reason to strike a pose… look at these savings.

Urban Outfitters skirt – $60, rent for $14

Express two-piece – $90, rent for $18

Zara leather jacket – $60, rent for $15

Lauren Moshi sweater – $173, rent for $30

Doesn’t this leave you wondering why you ever go shopping?

The morning after

The post-wear steps are a lot easier than you think. On Sunday, I messaged the owners on the app and asked them when I could bring by their clothes. I’m not a huge drink-spiller so I didn’t need to get anything dry cleaned, phew. But if you do, it’s really no biggie. Curtsy insures each item up to $1,000, so they’ll pay for minor damages in case something happens while you’re wearing it!

Don’t forget to make it official. I’m so bad at this, but try to be better than me. When I say official, I mean make sure you mark the item as returned on the app. You could get charged a late fee if you don’t return it in time! It will also ask you to review your experience, and ALWAYS upload pics of you in the clothing if you took any! It’s so helpful for other potential renters to see how the skirt fits or how the dress hangs. Help a sista out.

Bask in the Curtsy glow

Now, go tell your friends about Curtsy. Brag about how you wore a $300 dress for $20. Show them how great you looked without breaking the bank. Never spend that much money again, and look flawless while you do it. While you’re at it, let me help you bask in the Curtsy glow. Thanks for renting along with me! Use FRANKIE15 for 15% off your next Curtsy rental! Follow me @frankiebmiller on the ‘gram to see how I wear Curtsy each week!

Leather jacket at Mash’s bday party!



This Hotty Toddy Duo Has Us Wanting to Transfer to Ole Miss

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend, and this sophomore duo is nothing short of KILLER. Ole Miss’ @millerthekillerr and @kaylormwebb have been killin’ Curtsy at Ole Miss for two semesters together. Miller rocks a 36” inseam, while Kaylor’s eyelashes are practically the same length. 

Kaylor found out about Curtsy through a trunk show her freshman year, and now she’s the face behind the BOMB insta at Ole Miss. As marketing lead, Miller’s favorite part of trunk shows is seeing how excited girls get when they find an outfit they love!!

I am a fun-loving, go-getter with–I think– an eye for fashion and design. Organization is my favorite concept and pizza is my kryptonite.”

– Miller

Ole Miss Social Media Manager, Kaylor Webb.

Curtsy: If you have 5 minutes to get dressed, what do you put on?

K: Leggings with a cute-comfy sweatshirt and a pair of stylish sneakers (adidas, platform sneakers, air-max retros). It’s not easy for me to pick out a nice outfit quickly so naturally I just find the most comfortable yet cute outfit I can think of.

M: Black jeans, alligator belt, silky tank with a fun neckline, leather jacket, alligator black mid-calf boots.

It’s no surprise that Kaylor was a competitive cheerleader growing up– that bubbly personality and blonde hair have us seeing double of Hayden Panettiere in Bring it On.

While Kaylor perfected stunts and pom cheers grades K-12, Miller perfected her cat whiskers each Halloween for 13 YEARS IN A ROW.

“Now that I’m older, I still consider it every year. Meow.”

Curtsy: What inspires you?

M: My mom’s strength and can-do attitude has always inspired me. She is the A1 #GIRLBOSS!! 

Kaylor and Miller are both Kappa’s together and live across the hall from each other. These two eat, sleep and BREATHE Curtsy.

Curtsy: What is your favorite thing to rent off the app?

K: Game day dresses!

Ole Miss Marketing Lead, Miller Myers.

Things our #girlbosses love:

K: Black ripped jeans! I literally wear them 10x more than any pair of pants I own. Black always looks best with any top, especially in the winter! And Matthew McConaughey, the man ages like wine. 

M: I am obsessed with mid-calf boots. Obsessed.

Advice from the Curtsy team at Ole Miss: 

K: Don’t stress over the things you cannot control!

M: Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on your own way of life.

You heard it here first. It’s no wonder Curtsy is #trending in Oxford, Mississippi. This duo is a dream come true to Curtsy HQ! Shout out to you, @kaylormwebb and @millerthekillerr!

PS. Want to turn your closet into cash? Download Curtsy and Upload in Seconds.

Curtsy is the app that lets you rent dresses from each other on college campuses, and it’s live at Ole Miss.

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These J’s Aren’t On Our Feet, but on that Aggie Curtsy Team

Jacy and Jillian— J squad. This duo is holding the Curtsy fort down in Texas. Jacy leads marketing efforts while Jillian runs our insta game. Curtsy aside, these girls shine. Here, they can tell you themselves.

Curtsy: Tell us about yourself!

Jacy: I’m a junior at Texas A&M! I’m involved in KKG and on the Texas A&M cheer squad. I’m passionate about travel and adventures. Eventually, I want to work in the sports industry planning or coordinating events for arenas.

Jillian: This is the hardest question for me to answer because I think there are so many things I could tell you that are strange/cool/random so I don’t even know where to start, but usually I start with my fam because they’re my fav! I have four siblings two dogs and the best parents in the world

Our A&M team has a bucket list full of places to go! Jacy wants to visit all 50 states and also wants to learn how to scuba dive. Jillian’s top places are Iceland’s lagoons, Mohnoran Sand Hills, Dubai and Crater Lake. You ladies better document your travels well for your #Curtsyfam!!

Curtsy: What’s your favorite part of being on the Curtsy team?

Jacy: I love the fun and creative atmosphere that comes with being a part of the team!

Jillian: I LOVE what the company is. It’s so cool to work for a company that you can totally get behind. It’s practical, it’s cool and it’s the type of idea I wish I could have come up with myself. I love how it’s run by people close in age with myself and how the company knows itself and its market so well!

Jacy was once told to live in the moment because you will never be in the same place with the same people at the same time, so take it all in and savor it. Mic drop. Thank you, Jacy.

Curtsy: What inspires you?

Jillian: CREATORS! I love love love finding videographers and photographers on Instagram and YouTube. Literally this is what I do in my free time, and I’m not ashamed. I love finding people who create beautiful things and live beautiful lives.

Jillian wasn’t kidding when she said she loved creators. She recommended for us to follow @indyblue_ on insta because “she will inspire you to live your best life.” You won’t be let down. Do it.

Curtsy: Describe your ideal date. 

Jacy: A night by the river under the stars with a fire roasting and s’mores– talking about life!

If Jillian were a drink, she’d be wine because it’s “classy and timeless.” Speaking of classy and timeless, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is her celebrity crush because of “how much he LOVES BLAKE and their children. UGH.”

Curtsy: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Jacy: An otter. They are adorable and can float and sleep at the same time!!

Jillian: A lion because they’re the most regal and fierce!

A little advice to the boys, from our one and only Jacy. Here is a pick-up line you probably shouldn’t use. *checks the tag on girl’s shirt* “I was right. You were made in heaven.”

PS. Want to turn your closet into cash? Download Curtsy and Upload in Seconds.

Curtsy is the app that lets you rent dresses from each other on college campuses, and it’s live at Texas A&M.

Join the Curtsy Community today. 


Download it here.

Oklahoma should be known for Isabelle Preston and Sydney Mills, not that quarterback

How Oklahoma is known for football’s Baker Mayfield and not for this Curtsy team is unknown to us. Sydney Mills and Isabelle Preston will have us in tears when they graduate. These Oklahoma girls are a dream come true to Curtsy HQ!!

Sydney hosts baller trunk shows as our marketing lead, while Isabelle keeps Oklahoma ladies in style with her #trending Oklahoma Curtsy insta.

Curtsy: What’s your favorite part of being on the Curtsy team?

I: I love all of the girl empowerment and seeing how creative everyone is!

S: I really feel like a part of the team, despite everyone being spread across the entire US!!

When asked to tell about herself, Isabelle shared her love for dogs. Specifically Dalmatians and German Shepherds (girl, same). Oh, and it does not come to a surprise her life goal is to have her own wedding planning company!! Plan our weddings, Isabelle!

Curtsy: What are three fun facts about you?

I: I went to an all-girls high school, I hate brownies, and I could eat my body weight in queso.

S: My mom had me when she was 46, I’m allergic to Christmas trees, and I would probably trade my firstborn to marry Kevin Love.

Sydney is smitten with Kevin Love. Her ideal date is for Kevin Love to take her to Target. But no rush, Kevin. Sydney is not expecting a ring by spring, “unless we’re talkin’ spring 2050.”

Curtsy: Where can you typically be found on a Friday night?

I: In bed….

S: I’m either way overdressed taking $2 shots at 747 or watching Scandal in my velvet sweats. No in-between.

Curtsy: What are some of your favorite things about college?

I: I love getting ready with all my roommates. We have all our doors open, put a speaker in the hallway and blare music while running in and out of each others rooms *trying* to get ready. Whenever our boyfriends come in they swear we must all be deaf. Sounds SUPER cheesy but I love it.

S: Football! Tailgates! Darties! Also, I’m a basic b#[email protected]! and LOVE our school colors. Crimson & cream look good on anyone.

Isabelle is crushin’ on Zac Efron, and girl, so are we after watching his circus performance in The Greatest Showman. Her top five things she looks for a in a guy are sense of humor, tall, smart, good with kids and a goofball! Zac Efron checks almost all of these boxes (he’s only 5’8″, but then again Isabelle is 5″).

Meanwhile, Sydney wants to be Kim Kardashian’s dog. Oh, and if she could be a drink she would be tequila & rootbeer. She made it when she was out of mixers one night, “but it’s amazing, like me.”

Curtsy: What is your philosophy?

I: Don’t care what other people think, they’re probably jealous and lame.

S: No one ever has their sh!t together so it’s silly to act like you do, plus it’s more fun.

PS. Like Isabelle & Sydney’s style? Download Curtsy and Rent them.

Download it here.