The terms and conditions for being set up for a function…

So this one is a little contradicting to my last post because I basically told you guys to go out and take a risk. Which I still 100% support, but you gotta know sometimes risks can take a turn for the worse.

If you’re in college then chances are you will get set up for a function or date night at least once. Or you may even get set up for a blind date. Most of the time if I am last-minute to finding a date (& I am last-minute a lot of the time) and get set up, it’s a great time!

This particular time … not so great.

It was a rando function and I was about to not go until all of my friends were talking about how fun it would be and long story short I was convinced.

The night of the function we go to dinner and the drinks are flowing and so is the conversation. At first I thought, great guy: handsome, fun, outgoing, and sweet.

He’s openly texting his group of guys friends at the dinner table so I low-key get a sneak peek (we’ve all done it and I wanted to see how I was doing on this set up. Also, he really wasn’t even trying to cover it up).

“Yeah man, she’s definitely hot.”

Okaaaay not bad not bad. I knew this outfit was going to be a hit.

“Definitely going to try to hook up with her at the end of the night.”

Well that was pretty damn forward for shaking your hand and meeting you two hours ago. Automatically, it was a no for me after this.

It’s not the fact that hooking up with a guy after a function bothers me, but the expectation that is there when you ask a guy (or guys ask a girl) to a function that a hook-up will come out of it. What is up with that?

As dinner progresses, he is starting to become extremely comfortable with my friends and me. Comfortable as in screaming across the table, crashing plates and talking about his accomplishments in high school.

His accomplishments as in being on homecoming court.

From then on I was thinking to myself damn, I want to be a good date but this guy is making it so hard.

Right as we get to the formal I feel better because Bruno Mars was jamming and so were all my friends so the night was fun again. I lost my date but who doesn’t at these functions? But to my surprise when I turned around, I saw him grinding with another girl.

First, who grinds anymore? Like, actually grinds? The whole concept is weird. Second, I really didn’t care. I mean he’s in no way obligated to me and he probably picked up on the vibes I was sending off. Really it just gave me a reason to go to bed before 2 a.m. and maybe miss some of that hangover.

Wrong lol. When I wake up the next morning to an awful headache and the smell of bacon from the kitchen, I turn over to my phone.

“Hey it’s me. I had such a great time last night! Do you want to hangout again today?”


Either he doesn’t remember much or he was oblivious to the entire night, but some boys will never learn.