Teach Us Your Ways— Brianna Hunczak Is Seriously A Walking Vogue Look Book

Brianna Hunczak is from Jacksonville, Florida. She told us she loves, loves, loves “Jax” because it’s the best of both worlds. She said, “We’re in the northern part of Florida, so we still have that southern charm, but we also grew up like every other Floridian and worshipped the beaches.” Brianna danced her whole life, and now that she’s at Florida State University, she partakes in performances here, so she can still get her fix. Also at FSU, Brianna is the advertising assistant for FSU’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, Clutch Magazine and has a blog called Stone Cold Feels. When it comes to anything fashion— Brianna is our go-to girl.


Curtsy: Brianna, how did you decide to start Stone Cold Feels?

Brianna Hunczak: I originally started Stone Cold Feels to show employers how well rounded I am. I wanted them to know that I’m not only a scholar with business experience, but that I have a eye and love for fashion and style.  Once I started making the website, I fell in love with the process— both the graphic design and the fashion aspect turned into a creative outlet for me. I think that’s the reason why I make time to keep up with it being back at school. Picking out clothes and topics to write into the blogs also is a good substitute for my (sometimes dangerous) habit of using retail therapy as a destresser.


C: How has your style changed over the years?

BH: My style has been through many ups and downs starting from the beginning of high school. I used to dress very preppy, wearing button downs and white cotton shorts. I started dressing very out of the box my sophomore year. I was obsessed with making bold statements and the whole “dirty hippie chic” trend…what was I thinking?! This turned into more of a boho chic during my senior year of how school and has evolved into the very clear sense of style I have today.


 My style now is minimalistic chic with an edge. I love simplicity when it comes to colors and prints, but I give my looks a flare with bold silhouettes and accessorizing.


C: Where do you find your inspiration?

BH: I’m inspired by simplicity in my surrounding environment. I decorated my room in Tallahassee to be my personal sanctuary, being in all white with hints of neutrals and mirrored accessories. Escaping to my room after a long day is the best feeling because it clears my head and leaves my creativity to turn.

C: And lastly, what’s one of your fashion weaknesses?
BH: Wearing my sneakers with nice dresses. I love this look but all of my friends think it’s a bit odd. I believe if styled right, it can look very chic because it is impressive when someone can pull it off.

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