This Summer’s Hottest Trends

Being a fashion major, I love keeping up with all the latest trends & where else to find the best trends other than Instagram? my obsession! In this blog, I picked some of my absolute fav trends that I’ve seen that have blown up this summer, especially between college girls.

  1. White on White outfits

This is one of my absolute FAV new trends. I love the white on white because it makes you look super tan and it just makes the outfit look super clean and put together. I love the contrast between textures you can use when wearing white on white, and how you can pair the outfit with colorful jewelry.


2. Tassel Earrings

I am normally not a big statement earring person, but I have recently fallen in love with the new tassel earring trend. I love the long earring look, and the tassel gives it great texture and movement. They make the outfit look so cute, and it gives it an extra pop of color.

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A central perk

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3. Destroyed Denim Mini Skirts

Anything denim, I’ll be all in for! But the mini skirt trend just takes it to an all new level of dope. I love the destroyed denim mini, because it brings back the early 2000’s in a cute and flirty way. It’s a good bottom to pair with a louder type of shirt and shoes.

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how to be a carolinian step 1: eat good

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you a flower child, beautiful child, I'm in your zone

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4. Parachute-ish Pants

I love this comfy yet cute trend that has been starting to pop up eve-ry-where!! These pants have super fun beach look to them, with a boho twist. I’ve been seeing them on everyone, and love the look so much. You can get them in fun colors, and dress them up with heels and a belt if you want to.

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🌞 felicidad 🌞

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5. Stripes

Black and white stripes are a dream come true to anybody in the fashion world, but my favorite thing to see any stripes on are easily handbags. Not only are black and white stripes big right now, but I also love the blue and white striped look. I love the pop of texture to an outfit, and it makes the outfit look so amazing and trendy. This has definitely been one of my favorite summer trends, and I’ve even seen them on parachute pants, which I love.

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pupper: easily bamboozled

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6. Tube Tops

This is my favorite little top to add to any colored bottom. I love the scrunched look and it’s easy to pair with anything and everything. These tops are easily your “go to” summer outfit. I love the across the shoulder tops, especially because it is so cute and makes the outfit look so simple and dainty.


7. Stars

Recently, I have seen stars on everything and I love how patriotic everyone is being!!! serious but now serious 😉 I love the embroidered star look, stars on shoes, stars on denim jackets, and stars on bathing suits. I love this trend because it keeps the outfit looking edgy and young.

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So all together, this summer has some amazing new styles coming to the surface and I couldn’t be more excited to see what other trends start to pop up towards the beginning of fall.

Also, all these pics brought to you by the amazing girls @ USC 😉