Stephanie Pulls Off the Looks We All Wish We Could

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Everything about Stephanie lately, how is she doing this??? The coolest.

Read a little bit about how she does it here. If you want to borrow from Stephanie, check out her looks by downloading our app! Picture

Meet Stephanie

Slay. Fashion seems to be in this girl’s DNA so we had to go straight to the source and ask her how she does it.  She says Audrey Hepburn, Julie Saranana, and Kendall Jenner inspire her, but she inspires us. Yesterday, Nimble sat down with Stephanie to learn a little bit about how she manages to have it all going on. Check out our fun photos and how Stephanie gets her style inspirations.

xoxo, Nimble

#THELIST: Stephanie’s Looks

Admit it. We’ve all stalked her on Instagram. I mean, Stephanie’s feed looks like a fashion website. You’ve all wanted to ask her how she wears it, so we did it for you… Here’s our fave Stephanie looks.

We're trying not to get cheesy with this post, but we really want a #pizza of her wardrobe
We’re trying not to get cheesy with this post, but we really want a #pizza of her wardrobe
This girl doesn’t meet a stranger, even Tate at Square Pizza is her fan
Steph in her fun and flirty floral romper

How It All Started

Luckily, I grew up with a loving mother who knows style and doesn’t mind sharing. My sister and I are so inspired by her, and it’s nice we finally understand what fashion is after our awkward phases and smiley face t shirts. She has taught us that no matter what we wear, we need to always remember to love and let our true personality shine through. After all, that’s what will make your outfit more appealing, right? But it’s triple the luck that all three of us wear the same size in shoes, dresses, clothes…you name it.  The shopping is always fabulous and I must say, being able to switch out my wardrobe between three fresh closets is quite the bonus.


My sister and I combined our names to create an Instagram that will ultimately turn into a fashion, and life style blog. We tested out the waters and created @annietoanna. Because everybody knows us as Steph and Bri, we put a twist on it and used the last part of our names. Although we recently put a pause on this, we have done a lot of brainstorming and plan to continue this in the near future where it will be a more collaborative “sister” fashion blog with (hopefully) added content for purchasing inspiring items we’ve designed. (I’m thinking fun socks and panties)


My favorite fashion experience thus far has to be my recent and spontaneous appearance at LA Fashion Week with Rachel McCord, sister of AnnaLynne McCord and famous celeb collaborator and fashion blogger of the McCord List. This was a huge deal and I took advantage of the opportunity to network while I met with designers from all over the world. (I actually freaked out) when I played dress up in her closet and got to walk on that red carpet. Pinch me, it was a dream come true.

Stephanie at 2016 LA Fashion Week


How She Chooses the Look

I look at my closet like I look at art. Its an art form… It’s about creating something for yourself. I may have something in mind, but I never plan anything out because 9 out of 10 times, it always changes. There’s always a way to spice up an outfit, whether that be a classy hat, funky shoes or sneaks, leather jackets, layered jewelry, VESTS or FUN SOCKS (two of my favorite accessories). Because Why fit in when you can stand out? I decide between options like if I want to lean towards the dark side (my go to is black), or spunk it up with patterns, floral, fun colors for a hip gangman or bohemian style or a chic, classy and natural look. One dress can create 10 different looks so sometimes I  start with my shoes (especially if they’re statement shoes) and work my way up. Lastly, I tell myself mix matching is okay– colors, patterns, or silver and gold jewelry. Who says there are strict rules in fashion? There’s no fashion police here, it’s about loving yourself, feeling confident and as my mother always says, let your loving personality shine through and you’ll always look beautiful.

What’s Next?

My dream is to inspire others.Although I don’t have specific plans momentarily, my dream plan is to move to a big city, preferably LA, to be apart of something bigger than I’ve ever dreamed of. I plan to pursue a career in the fashion industry especially after having an amazing summer interning in the fashion district in Los Angeles last year. As I begin to slowly pave my way into the world of fashion, I’d like to utilize my creativity and love for fashion to work alongside style icons in design and eventually work my way up to a top fashion magazine such as Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar refinery29, etc. in hopes to launch my own brand one day to inspire women and collaborate with celeb artists to support brands with social media and event activations.

xoxo, Stephanie


Join In On the Nimble Fun

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Fun and Flirty in Tobi

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