Olivia and Keeleigh are the better version of Kendall and Kylie


Olivia and Keeleigh O’Neal are two power sisters taking over Oxford’s beauty scene!

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Meet the Sisters

meet the sistersHot Damn! This fiery red head and sweet blondie have had us all buzzing lately. These two sweet souls have started taking over Oxford by storm and there is no stopping in sight. Keeleigh is a senior and has paved the road for her freshman little sis Olivia.  These two are our favorite (and first) sister pair so far and the fun is just beginning! Nimble had a blast hiking with these two for an amazing shoot. Check out our day and learn how you can get their style.


xoxo, Sara

The Face of Face By Keeleigh

face by keeleigh
Keeleigh O’Neal, owner of Face by Keeleigh

Nimble and everyone in Oxford knows her as the most badass hair and make-up artist around. She’s young and still in school but that hasn’t stopped Keeleigh from following her dream and starting her own company at 22. Face By Keeleigh launched just a few weeks ago and there’s already a waiting list to get an appointment with this magician. Here’s her story and her big heart.

I want to love on women who don’t feel like they are enough or who may be perfectly happy and having the best day ever!! My dream is to empower and love on women through hair and makeup. I want women to look in the mirror and for once actually feel beautiful. I know many people argue that you should love who you are in your own skin and you don’t need makeup to be beautiful and I would totally agree with them. But I see no harm in loving who you are with makeup on as well. It’s not about what I put on their face or how I fix their hair, it’s about the quality time I get to spend with each person and the love I can show them just by taking their mind off of their crazy lives for 45 mins and telling them they are absolutely stunning. I want to show women the same love, support, kindness, patience, caring heart and undivided attention that my parents have shown me my whole life. I believe that everyone should get to experience that at least once in their life.

keeleigh 1

What’s Next?

Keeleigh is graduating in May and moving to Nashville to attend the AVEDA institute starting the the fall. We’re super excited for her and so is she!

My dream is to love and the Lord is allowing me to pursue this dream in one of the greatest cities ever. NASHVILLE. My heart is so full because for the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose. For the first time in my life I feel like my dreams are actually coming true and words will never be able to express to you how blessed I feel to be given this gift from the Lord.

keeleigh 2Keeleigh’s Top 10 Must Haves

  1. Quality Makeup Brushes, her fave: Sigma and Morphe
  2. Purity Facewash by Philosophy
  3. SANITAS Skin Care
  4. Palmer’s coca butter formula
  5. Urban Decay Naked Concealer in light/warm
  6. Amy Head lip liner in Curry
  7. Georgio Armani luminous foundation
  8. NARS blush in Lovejoy
  9. Tatcha luminous skin mist
  10. XL Z Palette by Jaclyn Hill (her style inspiration)


Book your appointment by visiting Face by Keeleigh.

Something About Olivia


Taking after her big sis, this freshy has some serious style. Olivia is Nimble’s ultimate #girlcrush. Her style is a mix between sweathert and rock and roll. We weren’t sure what to call it so we just called it “the Olivia”. These girls know how to do glamour but also have fun all along the way. Here’s Olivia’s story.

We asked Olivia to tell us about her relationship with Keeleigh. Warning: this is a tear jerker…olivia and keeleigh

Ever since we were little Kee has always played with my hair and my makeup. She used to practice French braiding my hair and I thought it was the absolute worst because I was so tender headed. Growing up with her has been the best thing, she is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her. She takes out so much of her time to help me and make me feel beautiful no matter what. Whether it was her driving home from Oxford when I was in high school to do my hair and makeup for a dance or me coming to her room so she could put my hair up in a messy bun, she always helped me out. I’m so proud of her and everything she has accomplished. She is my biggest hero and role model. No matter how many times we bicker or fuss at each other she is always the one I go to for advice or to put a smile on my face. Kee is literally my everything and I could not be more proud of her than I am now. I love her with all of my heart and I wish I could show her that in ways she shows me. The love she has for me and everyone around her is incredible. I’m so honored to call her my big sis.

Whew…Ok wipe the tears. Here’s what you should get to look this beautiful.

The foundation I use is Marc Jacobs. I love this because a little goes a long way. It has great coverage and is never cakey. I use Bare Minerals bronzer to highlight my cheeks and get that perfect glow. For eye shadow I use the morphe pallot! It has so many natural colors and all of them are gorgeous. For mascara I use urban decay. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump. And of course, I can’t live without my lipstick and lipgloss- all Chanel!

olivia and keels


The O’Neal Sisters


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