You Heard It Here First: Nimble’s Coming to Alabama

Hey y’all. Good news to share: Nimble is coming to Bama, and they asked me to blog about it.


Nimble is a cool new app that lets girls at Bama rent dresses from each other. It’s a great way to make extra money, and posting dresses is as easy as Instagram.

emmaEmma Lothrop is a senior KD at Alabama. After graduation she hopes to work in fashion or marketing. She is originally from Charlotte, NC.




I have so many dresses that I bought for a date party or wedding that I wore once and then it just sat in the back of my closet. We all know sororities can get expensive… not even talking about the dues, either. Nimble is a great way to make some cash on the side.

Jet Set Black Maxi Dress — retails for $270, borrow for $40
Jet Set Black Maxi Dress — retails for $27, borrow for $40


I first heard about Nimble when my friend @ Ole Miss, Darby Fallon, was featured as their “Fashionista of the Week.”

Basically, you post your dresses on the app and then girls at your school can borrow them. At first I was worried about posting some of my nicer dresses, but they have this “Shit Happens Policy” where they will fully reimburse you for the cost of the dress if anything happens to it. The girl that borrows will dry clean it if it needs it, which is great.

Lavender brown cocktail dress — retails for $220, borrow for $30
Lavender brown cocktail dress — retails for $220, borrow for $30


If you’ve got an event coming up, check out some of the dresses I posted. If you’re worried about fit you can try it on and they’ll fully refund you if it doesn’t fit.

It launched at Ole Miss in January and has done really well at Ole Miss… and now it’s finally coming to Bama, just in time for Formals.

xoxo, Emma

download-nimbleLike what you see?

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