Madeline Little Makes A Fashion Statement Every Time She Walks Into A Room


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Meet Madeline Little.


There is nothing I love more than being on the water, and I basically live for the summer! I’m currently a junior at Alabama, majoring in advertising with an art minor concentrating in graphic design.


I think it’s important to fill your time with things that make you happy—that’s why I like to paint in my free time.


For me, painting showcases the bolder side of my style. I’ve always loved high-fashion, and I feel it reflects an artistic view.


Painting is a great way to experiment with new trends and color schemes. I love keeping up with what’s in.


My personal style is always evolving. Living by the water has influenced my style to be very beachy and colorful— I used to dress for summer all year round.


Now that I’m older, I dress more polished and refrain from flip flops in the winter. Whether it’s bold jewelry or funky shoes, I love wearing some kind of statement piece.


I’m a firm believer in expressing yourself through your clothes.


My favorite designers to wear are Clover Canyon, Milly, Mara Hoffman, BCBG, and Naven because they’re fun, trendy, and use a variety of colors.


However, I look up to Chanel and Saint Lauren for inspiration. I also find fashion inspiration from my just my surroundings in general—I love observing people and places.




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