This Hotty Toddy Duo Has Us Wanting to Transfer to Ole Miss

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend, and this sophomore duo is nothing short of KILLER. Ole Miss’ @millerthekillerr and @kaylormwebb have been killin’ Curtsy at Ole Miss for two semesters together. Miller rocks a 36” inseam, while Kaylor’s eyelashes are practically the same length. 

Kaylor found out about Curtsy through a trunk show her freshman year, and now she’s the face behind the BOMB insta at Ole Miss. As marketing lead, Miller’s favorite part of trunk shows is seeing how excited girls get when they find an outfit they love!!

I am a fun-loving, go-getter with–I think– an eye for fashion and design. Organization is my favorite concept and pizza is my kryptonite.”

– Miller

Ole Miss Social Media Manager, Kaylor Webb.

Curtsy: If you have 5 minutes to get dressed, what do you put on?

K: Leggings with a cute-comfy sweatshirt and a pair of stylish sneakers (adidas, platform sneakers, air-max retros). It’s not easy for me to pick out a nice outfit quickly so naturally I just find the most comfortable yet cute outfit I can think of.

M: Black jeans, alligator belt, silky tank with a fun neckline, leather jacket, alligator black mid-calf boots.

It’s no surprise that Kaylor was a competitive cheerleader growing up– that bubbly personality and blonde hair have us seeing double of Hayden Panettiere in Bring it On.

While Kaylor perfected stunts and pom cheers grades K-12, Miller perfected her cat whiskers each Halloween for 13 YEARS IN A ROW.

“Now that I’m older, I still consider it every year. Meow.”

Curtsy: What inspires you?

M: My mom’s strength and can-do attitude has always inspired me. She is the A1 #GIRLBOSS!! 

Kaylor and Miller are both Kappa’s together and live across the hall from each other. These two eat, sleep and BREATHE Curtsy.

Curtsy: What is your favorite thing to rent off the app?

K: Game day dresses!

Ole Miss Marketing Lead, Miller Myers.

Things our #girlbosses love:

K: Black ripped jeans! I literally wear them 10x more than any pair of pants I own. Black always looks best with any top, especially in the winter! And Matthew McConaughey, the man ages like wine. 

M: I am obsessed with mid-calf boots. Obsessed.

Advice from the Curtsy team at Ole Miss: 

K: Don’t stress over the things you cannot control!

M: Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on your own way of life.

You heard it here first. It’s no wonder Curtsy is #trending in Oxford, Mississippi. This duo is a dream come true to Curtsy HQ! Shout out to you, @kaylormwebb and @millerthekillerr!

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