Grace Hammond Plays It Cool, But Her Style Is On Fire


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Meet Grace.

Grace Hammond is the ultimate party planner when it comes to sorority events, weekend socials, and any miscellaneous celebration. She’s currently in her senior year at UNC and would love to continue planning special events and promotions after graduation. With organizing and attending parties comes dressing nicely, and it’s evident this Charlotte native knows a bit about each.


My style is pretty laid back. I’m always drawn to simple things, such as black and white. I always switch back and forth between wanting to live in classics like Madewell or going in the complete opposite direction and being trendy.


If I have five minutes to get ready, I probably will throw on a white top and ripped jeans. I’m obsessed with white tops and stripes.


Before blogging was what it is today, I always enjoyed reading them. In fact, I’ve followed some particular ones for over 7 years. I usually get inspiration from them. In high school, I tried to copy outfits from store catalogues based on what I had in my closet, but these days it’s just based on what I see online and on Instagram.


Q: What’s one thing people don’t know about you and would be surprised to know?

I’m a pretty open book, but probably that I’m an ambivert (introvert + extrovert). I can either be 100% comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar situation or completely silent and reserved and turn bright red when it’s my turn to talk. I never really know which it’ll be!


A Quick Get to Know You More.

Q: If you were a song, what would it be?

Take it Easy by the Eagles. It’s a classic and makes me so happy every time I hear it.

Q: If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chips and queso from Dillo with a side of salsa.

Q: What’s one question you wish people asked you but you never had the opportunity to answer?

Something I love to do in my free time. I love doing DIYs and crafts. I got that gene from my mom and grew up with a craft closet at my house. For my room this year, I hand dyed the fabric for my pillows and my mom sewed them. I also love lettering and have been practicing my calligraphy for the last year. I would love to be good enough to do people’s wedding invitations!


xoxo, Team Curtsy

Follow along on Grace’s adventures at @hammond_cheese.

?: Caitlin Scurria (@kittycaitmeow)


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