Update: April Fools!! // Curtsy Is Banned Across The SEC

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Curtsy is banned across the SEC.

We would like to formally apologize to the faculty and students at the following universities for a publicity stunt we did last week where we put 1,000 fake parking tickets on cars at each school.

Alabama Auburn Clemson FSU Indiana LSU Mizzou NC State Ole Miss Penn State Texas AM UF UGA UNC USC UT Austin

Maybe you got one and thought it was funny. Unfortunately, the universities did not. The administration has banned Curtsy and all Curtsy-related activities from the campuses.

This ban is effective immediately.

We were already on thin ice after passing out 500 cookies without a license at each school, covering the dorms with flyers, and chalking every surface without a permit. This latest stunt didn’t help our case.

Our goal with the campaign was to celebrate members posting 25,000 dresses for rent on the app.

We didn’t consider that parking officers would have to work overtime to remove the fake decals, or that some girls would immediately drop their phone upon seeing it, and their screens would shatter.

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