CashMeOut Eating at the 8 Best Brunches in the ATL


Credit: Olivia Vranjes (@oliviavranjes)

Being from Atlanta and absolutely obsessed with breakfast food like most southerners, I always HAVE to know which places are the best brunch destinations. Even though Atlanta gave me the worst driving skills ever (lol not kidding even in the slightest), it did give me the best taste for some good brunch eating, so I about to break down my best brunch places with even better Insta ops, which we all know is muy importanté!

#1: Sun In My Belly

First off, if the name of the restaurant isn’t enough to make you want to eat there, then the fact they have a dish called “The Hangover” will. The Hangover is an open-faced biscuit with sausage, fried eggs, avocado, Sriracha, and a side of potatoes covered in cheddar AND with honey-glazed bacon to top it off. Talk about the only thing that I will cheat my diet for! Also, they have the cutest scenery for the perfect Insta pics with your cute little coffee mug and amazing brunch.

Orange you glad I didn’t make a stupid pun as my caption? 😇

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☀ in my Belly. Such a cute place! Pictured is the challah French toast.

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#2: West Egg Cafe

West Egg Café is a cute spot in Atlanta that has their own bakery inside the restaurant… yeah I know, right? They also have their own menu just for coffee—it’s really a dream come true! Their most famous meals are one of the best meals any southerner could ever want….. shrimp and grits and a pimento cheese and bacon omelet… could not be any better! They definitely live up to all of the hype. Besides the amazing food, the red décor makes it a pretty cool hangout spot for locals.

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this is my atl pic 📸: @nicolemmason_

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#3: Ria’s Bluebird

Ria’s Bluebird is the best diner to catch a little nostalgia and some even better food. With breakfast served all day and biscuits and gravy, you can catch me there any day of the week! They’re known for their original pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, and when I tell you I dream about them.. you will, too! Mainly because they’re fluffier than your pillow.

There’s an elephant in the room…

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this weekend | grilled steak over smoked corn relish with 2 poached eggs & a maple szechuan glaze ~ come n’ get it

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A good start to the new year is only as good as your breakfast

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#4: Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall

Ladybird is the most picturesque restaurant with the best menu. Their brunch menu consists of variations of fish and healthy options, and beware…they have a section for “Brunch Only Cocktails.” I always feel like I’m camping when I’m having brunch here because of the rustic interior.

thankful for these ladies, & Saturdays spent wandering atl #blistersonmyfeet

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The ladies of lady bird

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#5: Buttermilk Kitchen

Buttermilk Kitchen is in between Buckhead and Brookhaven and is a spot worth driving for no matter where you live. The first thing on their menu that caught my eye was their homemade chicken biscuit, which is to die for, especially in the South where we worship fried chicken. This cottage-style blue house is the perfect southern breakfast place.

Blooms and brunch – our favorite combo! 🌸🌼 Shop our new sunnies at the link in bio 📷 @cynthiateri

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prior to this photo, I spilled coffee all over myself!!!! am I #cute & #clumsy yet?????? #L

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#6: The General Muir

This New York restaurant with a Jewish spin has the most delicious food. I’m crazy about this place because of the bagels they make. I am totally obsessed with bagels, and this place does it right. They even have the option to customize any bagel AND ADD PASTRAMI. WHO DOESN’T LOVE PASTRAMI ON A BAGEL?!

best in-town brunch quest continues with @meelslife & @brsimmons87. cheers to your new 🏡!!

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LOX of love for brunch 🙌

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#7: The Silver Skillet

Because Silver Skillet is one of the older brunch spots in ATL, it’s had several celebs pop in over the years. I always feel 10x cooler the moment I step through their door. One of my favorite sections on their menu is the skillet section. From their skillets to their country fried steak smothered in brown gravy, I would go here by myself just to eat it.

Rise n’ shine

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Mind your own biscuits & life will be gravy #ATL #WWYD 🎬📺🍴

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When people are lined up around the building waiting to eat with you! #silverskillet #atlanta #midtown

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#8: Yebo Beach Haus

Yebo is the “it” spot in Buckhead because of its trendiness. It has this really coolSouth African twist that that is very unexpected. Two of my favorite things to order on their cold and raw portion of the menu are “MELON & BURRATA” and “COCONUT CEVICHE”. Hands down—incredible.

Hope everyone’s Saturday is this fabulous 😋

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YPOA (Young Professionals of Atlanta) premieres next Thursday at 9PM EST on BravoTV!!

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Cheers 2 u, QUEEN !!! May you never be wrong & your drink always be strong.

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Alright y’all— there you have ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to getting a good breakfast grub on. Next time you’re in the ATL, you shouldn’t be so conflicted on where to eat because you have this amazing list to choose from, or you could just eat at every single one.. which I would totally do.

xoxo, Ellie