Cali Ally Tells Us How To Be The Ultimate #GirlBoss


Ally Arrigo, Oxford’s own Carrie Bradshaw has opened her closet on Nimble Fashion!

Meet the one, the only, the CaliAlly. We all know her from her fabulous Travel+Style blog and now you get to see what this girl from Newport Beach is all about. While Ally Arrigo is busy blogging about everyone else’s style, we will blog about hers.  In her latest post this week, Ally is showing us all how the be the ultimate smart and savy shopper- without cutting back on style.

Nimble has teamed up with Ally and the awesome Sydney Hedberg from Barneys Bergdorfs and Bill$ for a total tell all. We will tell you how to save and make money, and Syndey and Ally tell you what to do with it! Check out our fun weekend with these two fab power women. Believe us when we say, hanging with them is the ultimate #squadgoals.


If you’re like me, you’ve wondered what it means when somebody says, “liquid assets,” how a 401k works, and how the hell can I afford a pair of Manolo Blahniks if I’m barely sqeezing by the electricty bill. Enter in Barneys, Bergdorfs, and Bill$: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Finance. This quick and handy finance book, which breaks down even the most intricate and confusing finance lingo into easy to understand terms, should be every gal’s finance bible. It’s great for an easy read or to reference when you have a question and is sure to take you from clueless college grad to boss lady in no time.

Earlier this week, I teamed up with BB+B author and the newest fashion app, Nimble, to create budget friendly looks that combines save and splurge pieces together to create the ultimate spring looks. Chunky heels and florals, leather jackets and rompers, fit and flare frocks with striped metallic wedges…the possibilities were endless!

In case you haven’t heard, Nimble is the newest closet swap app. Renters get designer and brand name dresses for a fraction of the price, and those who want to rent out their looks get a piece of the profit! We know what you’re thinking…”What if something happens to the dress?” We’ve got you covered. For minor damages, they will help you out. For permanent damages, we will split the cost of replacing the dress with the person who borrowed it.

Check out the looks below and make sure to shop my Instagram! All of these looks will be up and rent-ready on Nimble in the coming days!

xoxo, Ally

Ally’s Nimble Picks for Spring

Cap Sleeve Dress by AQUA
Cap Sleeve Dress by AQUA
Cap Sleeve Dress by AQUA
Floral Dress by Tobi




The Book: Barneys, Bergdorfs, and Bill$

The ultimate girlfriend’s guide to finance for the aspiring Carrie Bradshaw’s of Oxford…
Make money by monetizing your closet with Nimble Fashion and invest it with Sydney.
Get the book on Amazon today!
Get the book on Amazon today!