#GirlBossGoals – See How Ann Hill, Renata and Ashton Are Taking Over Chapel Hill

The Ceiling is the Roof for this Campus Team and there’s no stopping them anytime soon. Check out how these Boss Babes run Curtsy at Chapel Hill.

PS. Curtsy is live at UNC. Curtsy lets you rent dresses, rompers and two pieces from fashionistas at your school. Browse, rent and post your own to make extra CA$H. 

Download Curtsy here.


Campus Director Ann Hill Moore, Events Manager Ashton Edge and Instagram Manager Renata D’Agrella see Curtsy as an awesome opportunity to create an entirely new community at UNC. Learn more about this awesome team below:

Ann Hill Moore, Campus Director

How would you describe your style and where do you get your inspirations?

I like to think of my style as classic feminine. I appreciate trends and definitely follow some, but I prefer to stick more to what I know will stay in style for a long time. I say feminine because I like clothing that fits well to my body type, or have feminine colors. I am one hundred percent inspired by Olivia Palermo’s style and am obsessed with every outfit she wears.

Renata D’Agrella, Instagram Manager

What is one piece in your closet you cannot live without?

The one piece of clothing I absolutely cannot live without would have to be my black thigh high boots. They are an essential part of my fall/winter wardrobe and always make me feel as if I am on a runway. 

Ashton Edge, Events Manager

How’d you hear about Curtsy?

Through some of my sorority sisters and other friends on campus as they would use the app to look for cute dresses for various cocktails and formals.

Curtsy’s the answer to a crisis we often face when preparing for a social event- not having anything to wear. We’ve all faced it, and luckily with Curtsy, that issue can be immediately solved.

What is your favorite thing about UNC?

As much as I’ve thought about it, I can’t single out one thing I love most. UNC has fantastic academics, sports and a great social scene; all on a stunning campus. It’s that combination that makes me appreciate where I go to school. -Ann Hill

My favorite thing about UNC is our school spirit. There’s something very special about being able to call yourself a Tar Heel. Whether it’s cheering on our football and basketball teams or traditions like drinking from the old well on the first day of class, we are all just one big Tar Heel family. – Renata D’Agrella

How has Curtsy impacted UNC Chapel Hill?

It takes away some of the stress that comes with social events and adds excitement in finding that perfect outfit. Curtsy makes preparing for social events more relaxed and affordable for students.

PS. Check out the team’s killer closets! Download Curtsy and rent from them.

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Curtsy lets you rent dresses, rompers and two pieces from fashionistas at your school. Browse, rent and post your own to make extra CA$H.

Download it here.