Drop Everything And Listen If You Haven’t Heard These ATL Ladies Sing

Meet Ella Collier & Caroline Culver: two girls who are painting the A with their keen sense of style and their vibrant music. For these two Atlanta natives, it wasn’t the fact that they were neighbors that brought them together, or even that they went to the same elementary school; but it was their undying passion for singing and songwriting. They started creating music in the same studio, both taking voice and guitar lessons, until eventually their worlds collided.

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the best instagram brands

As you all probably know from reading my last couple of blogs, I spend way too much of my time on Instagram. Not only do I use Insta to do my normal everyday creeping, I use it to feed into my shopping addiction which I know you all can relate to. I love how easy it is to see what someone is wearing just by seeing what company they tagged in their post. So I decided to round  up so of my favorite brands that I found solely from being an Insta-holic.

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No, You Don’t Have to Look Like Your Mom at the Office this Summer

With summer in full swing, it’s the season of jobs for us collegiates – whether that’s a big girl job (#adulting) or a nannying gig with a local family or anything in between, one of the biggest struggles is figuring out what to wear. I know when I got my job offer for my internship this summer, I was totally clueless as to what to wear on my first day. My mom and I went shopping literally hours after I got the phone call, and what do you know – I ended up buying way too many clothes that were way too formal for my office requires. I showed up the first day looking and feeling great, but I kid you not, literally every girl in my office made it a point to tell me jeans were A-OK for the next day. I was SO confused – having grown up with an attorney for a mother who wore pantsuits literally every day to the office, I had never heard of such a thing. Jeans? In the office? My natural next move was to do some scoping on Pinterest – but even that failed me. All of the outfit ideas I found were SO impractical, and honestly, most of them were not even that cute. After some serious online shopping, I eventually figured out the do’s and don’ts of what to wear in my office. So, here it is ladies! A comprehensive guide to office style at every budget – look good, feel good, and absolutely rock it at work this summer.

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Shop to Rock the South at These Six Top Stops

The six top stops in Lex that will make you shop until you (literally) drop ~ below are a list of my personal favorite boutiques in Lex that you won’t want to pass up. Being a student at the University of Kentucky and being part of my most loved sisterhood, Alpha Phi, I am always searching for the next best dress for an upcoming event. I have never once visited one of these places and not been able to find just that and be confident in my purchase. I not only get use out of the clothing myself, but they are the most perfect styles to upload to Curtsy in order to make cash back in return – woohoo!!

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